The App Hole: Google Chromecast – A New Challenger Appears!

An already crowded media player marketplace sees Google step in, and Don Becker wonders if they just cleared the field entirely.

The App Hole: Bye-Bye, Messenger

Don Becker returns to The App Hole with a critique of Blackberry’s lackluster attempts to stay current.

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The App Hole: Jellybean

Thanks to some enterprising hackers, Don Becker has the latest version of Android on his phone. How does it compare to previous versions?

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How much is too much? Don Becker analyzes his over-dependence on technology while he is away from home.

The App Hole: California Uber Alles

When Team Unwinnable is on the road, we travel in style. No taxis for us – only Town Cars ordered through the Uber app.

The App Hole: The Death Of Unlimited Data

Don Becker wonders, “Does the current state of the U.S. mobile infrastructure mean the end of unlimited data? And could it usher in a sea change in how we buy smartphones?”

The App Hole: The Importance of Openness

Don Becker asks, “What happens when a closed-source developer inspires an open-source squabble?”