Episode IV: A New Hope – With a Twist

Jill Scharr does a little Episode IV character swapping.

Rhythm Heaven, Revisited

Nick Robinson bonds with his brothers the best way he knows how: with Rhythm Heaven.

Mighty Morphin’ Cultural Phenomenon

Michael Rousseau dives into the massive Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin’ to Lost Galaxy DVD box set and surfaces with a brief history of one of America’s strangest cultural phenomenons.

Max Payne 3 and the Case of the White Man’s Burden

Earnest “Nex” Cavalli takes a trip to Brazil and discovers the hidden link between Max Payne 3 and American imperialism.

Max Payne_main

Alan Moore: On Villainy

Tim Mucci talks to the dark lord of comic books, Alan Moore, about all things villainous. Plus: Amber Harris illustrates all of Moore’s magickal artifacts of power in a visual guide!

Alan Moore

Don’t Take Love Personally, Babe: Being Single In Public

Cara Ellison muses on whether romanticizing monogamy is a good thing.


Serve the Public Trust, Protect the Innocent, Look Badass

Detroit’s own Dan Apczynski talks to Brandon Walley of the Imagination Station about the status of Detroit’s RoboCop memorial statue.


Mourning the Non-Existent

Ezio Auditore is dead. Why is that so upsetting? Stu Horvath turns to Umberto Eco for answers.