Do Your Part, Get Danny DeVito to Voice Pikachu

Pikachu has a soulful, wise human voice in the Japanese trailer for Detective Pikachu. Why not just turn him into Frank Reynolds for the Westen audience?


Best of 2015 – Best Wrestling Match

A Best Of list managed to slip through the cracks! Enjoy the best matches from WWE, New Japan, and Ring of Honor.


ESPN Analyst’s Rage Supports Esports Growth

Through his constant negativity, Colin Cowherd has documented a wealth of progress in the eSports gaming community.


Jessica Jones Reveals the Petty Monstrosities of a Realistic Super Human

Why is Jessica Jones so fantastic? Because its characters are anything but.


Running on Broken Glass

Metal Gear Solid V sabotages its own depth by playing everything straight, by presenting real world horror alongside events that are completely ridiculous.”


Not a Review of Hard West

A review of reviewing things.