Not a Review of Hard West

A review of reviewing things.


What is Bob Ross Doing on Twitch?

I looked away for 30 seconds and missed an entire foreground.


You’re the Worst: The Show that’s Nearly as Good as its Theme Tune

Slothrust are like some old creepy person with a knife, but the knife’s for the cake you didn’t see before and it tastes really good. You’re the Worst doesn’t have any cake but I don’t see a knife anywhere either.


Head to Head: Jem and the Holograms

The long-awaited live-action Jem and the Holograms movie was, sadly, a flop. But how does it compare to the source material?

Jem Header

A Collection of Apocalypses: An Interview with Paul Tremblay

“When horror is done well, I love the sense of awe, of holy-shit-what-is-that…” Stu talks with horror writer Paul Tremblay on his influences, past and future.


Last Week’s Comic Con

Ian Gonzales didn’t read too many comics last week, but he did spend 4 days at New York Comic Con.