Netflix’s The Get Down and Learning to Get Down

The Get Down doesn’t quite know what it means to get down. Is it still worth watching though?


The Media Diet

A two week fast on one show or band is exactly what we need in an era of binge watching and trailer gluttony.

Thom Yorke

If You Build It They Will Come: Mark Oshiro on Trolls, Fandom, and Community Management

Megan Condis got to chat with the titular Mark of Mark Does Stuff on how to avoid fandoms becoming cesspools of trolls and bigotry.


Good & Evil Issue – Theme Recap

The theme of our April issue is Good & Evil, ranging from Nathan Drake to the Punisher.

Good and Evil

Which Living Character Can Win The Game Of Thrones?

The Game of Thrones will soon continue, but who stands the best chance of winning?


The Penultimate Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

Time for some hardcore predictions about the results of Wrestlemania 32! And maybe some light editorializing.