Kyofu no Sekai Brings the Twisted Worlds of Junji Ito to Life

Kyofu no sekai, an in-development card-based videogame about cosmic horror, has captured the enigmatic spirit of Ito’s stories extraordinarily well.

Bungo Stray Dogs Volume 1, “This Mutt’s Got Mange”

“The best of art justifies its own existence…All Bungo Stray Dogs can offer is a barely audible yap.”

Last Week’s Comics 1/11/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s James Bond: Felix # 1, Red Sonja # 1 and last week’s The Wicked + The Divine # 25.

Last Week’s Comics 1/4/2017

Team Unwinnable share their thoughts on Clean Room # 15, AD After Death # 2 and Hulk # 1.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Volume 1, “A Gundam Shame”

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is achingly cool…cool in that grim, stupid, utterly unselfconscious way a Zack Snyder would eat up.

The Best Comics of 2016

Team Unwinnable’s got the best comics of 2016 right here for you. It was a weird and wonderful year in the land of four colors.