Last Week’s Comics 11/25/2015

We have a light week, an appetizer before your Thanksgiving feast. Sal Lucci shares his thoughts on this week’s The Tomorrows # 5.

Comics Feat

It’s Time to Forgive Constantine

Keenu’s Constantine is turning 10 years old, maybe it’s time to finally time to forgive the film for its one major gripe. Even God forgave him, can’t you?


Last Week’s Comics 11/18/2015

The Last Week’s Comics crew review’s this week’s seminal Usagi Yojimbo #150 and the bittersweet Batman ’66 #73.



“Saint’s Row IV far surpasses the competition, emerging as the best execution of what we understand a superhero to be.” Holly Green on the best superhero game.


Holy Totalitarianism, Batman!

“Arkham Knight has no basis of morality, no balance. That’s the problem.” Matt Paprocki reveals the terror fighting terror, the Batman in Arkham Knight.


Last Week’s Comics 11/11/2015

The Last Week’s Comics crew share their thoughts on James Bond # 1, Uncanny X-Men # 600 and Extraordinary X-Men # 1.