Last Week’s Comics 10/19/2016

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s Spell on Wheels and KISS premiers and last week’s Darth Vader finale.


Happiness Volume 1, “A Monstrous Adolescence”

The horrors of adolescence are even worse when you’re becoming a vampire.


Last Week’s Comics 10/12/2016

Ian Gonzales interviews Box Brown about Tetris: The Games People Play and the LWC Team reviews Paper Girls, Clean Room and Batman.


Bleach: The Sense of a Nonending

Kubo Tite’s opus Bleach ran for over a decade, and caught plenty of heat for its ending, or lack of one.


Last Week’s Comics 10/5/2016

Team Unwinnable reviews this week’s James Bond 007, last week’s Saga and X-Men ’92!


Toriko: The Health Benefits of Heavy Eating

One of the most over the top mangas, Toriko, is coming to a close, and doing it in the most spectacularly gargantuan fashion.