Last Week’s Comics 5/27/2015

The Last Week’s Comics crew reviews Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #5, Sundowners TPB, Dirk Gently #1 and Secret Wars: Battleworld #1.


Last Week’s Comics 5/20/2015

Last Week’s Comics goes classic this week as Brian Bannen reviews Mythic #1, Injection #1 and Secret Wars #2!


Last Week’s Comics 5/13/2015

The Last Week’s Comics gang shares their thoughts on Shaft #6, Secret Wars #1 and Star Wars: Kanan, the Last Padawan #2.


A Weekend in April

One live arcade event. One record store. One comic shop. One game store. One interesting weekend.


Last Week’s Comics 5/6/2015

The Last Week Comics gang reminisces about Free Comic Book Day 2015!


Avengers Assembled!

Rowan Kaiser guides us through the comics and thematic undercurrents of Marvel’s Civil War-era Avengers.