Last Week’s Comics 6/21/2017

Team Unwinnable reviews Bitch Planet Triple Feature, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie and Black Bolt in this week’s Last Week’s Comics!

Black Bolt charging toward the camera, his back illuminated by oranges and dark blues. This is art from Black Bolt #2.

Last Weeks Comics 6/14/2017

Magnus #1 (Dynamite—Writer: Kyle Higgins; Artist: Jorge Fornes) Magnus #1 is a comic book that I went into with low expectations that were rapidly erased by halfway through the issue. This is smart science fiction that introduces us to the re imagined world of a comic series that once featured a guy in a chainmail miniskirt karate chopping through armies of automatons and retro wacky-looking robots. This series has elements of that, but only time will tell if our Dr. Magnus will go all Old Boy on a bunch of rebelling bots. For now, it seems like she just wants

A black haired woman in a skin tight red and black colorblocked body suit, hair artfully disheveled in a high bun holding a cyborg head, wires falling from its grey skull. It has a feel of any performance of Hamlet where the actor goes "alas poor York I knew him well." This is the cover for Magnus #1.

Last Week’s Comics 6/7/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on last week’s Saga # 43 and this week’s Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness # 0.

Alana (with wings) and Marko (with horns) kissing. The text above their heads read "somehow these two oddballs never got the memo." This is a screenshot from the comic Saga, issue 43.

Last Week’s Comics 5/31/2017

Team Unwinnable’s Comics Editor shares his thoughts on Redneck # 2 and The Archies One Shot in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

A man in a green shirt is at the mic, with a red guitar slung low on his hips. There are several other band members on the stage. This is a screenshot of the comic The Archies.

Last Week’s Comics 5/24/2017

It’s All Kieron Gillen Day at LWC. Team Unwinnable discuss last week’s The Wicked + The Divine: 455 AD and this week’s James Bond: Service.

Cover art from the Wicked and Divine issue. A figure, dressed in toga and laurel crown is lit in a sort of blue with a uplifted hand covered in blood. Behind the figure it looks like there are orange flames rising, and in front of him is the text, slightly opaque that reads "The Wicked"

Last Week’s Comics 5/17/2017

Team Unwinnable ponders a little about DC’s upcoming Doomsday Clock and review the Allred family jam, Bug!: The Adventures of Forager #1.

a man floating in the middle of the air, reading a book. He has three thought bubbles that read "on pages 12-13, I caught sight of a massless time-symmetrical boson, a mobius loop curving through eight dimensions. I heard something knocking on the door to get in."