Rookie of the Year: A Matter of Time

“Why am I floating above the city of Toronto?” Matt Marrone gets creative with a suite of CG geometric iOS photography additives.


Four Dollars an Hour

“…what he is afraid of is literally being made into a mechanical thing. The player notes that he has, in learning how to play the game, mechanized himself.”


Revving the Engine: Outlaws

“I want to re-write the way the VFX industry does things and use games tech to do it.” Sponsored by Unreal Engine 4.


Rookie of the Year: Breaking Up With My Xbox

“I have come to the end of an era – I am finished with the gaming consoles that inspired me to begin this column in the first place.” The Rookie of the Year begins a new chapter.


Rookie of the Year: Not So Empty Nest

To prep for the Newborn of the Year, Matt Marrone spies on his family with a new surveillance camera.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Fifty-Three

Stu Horvath weighs in on the latest Gawker kerfluffle.