One Last Flight

We configured and set up the rig and the copy of X-Plane I had purchased. Then we sat in that small room and I watched my dad fly.


Rookie of the Year: I am Google Cardboard

“I am Google Cardboard. I come to this realization slowly.” Matt Marrone explores VR, horror, and childhood with a cardboard case and an expensive smartphone.


Removed: A Photographer Captures the Isolation Effect of Sex Toys

Some photographer took a bunch of photos and digitally erased the cellphones, so we digitally added a bunch of dildos.

Dildo 03

Revving the Engine: Quest-Based Learning

Stu interviews Dr. Cynthia Marcello, professor at SUNY Sullivan using quest based learning to teach Unreal Engine 4. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


Rookie of the Year: A Matter of Time

“Why am I floating above the city of Toronto?” Matt Marrone gets creative with a suite of CG geometric iOS photography additives.


Four Dollars an Hour

“…what he is afraid of is literally being made into a mechanical thing. The player notes that he has, in learning how to play the game, mechanized himself.”