Lightning in a Bottle

Ian Snyder creates a new interactive toy to create black and white lightning.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Seven

Welcome to the new year, as shocking and depressing as the old year.


Two Cautionary Tales

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.



If you’ve been anywhere near the ocean, you’ve likely seen barnacles – the hard-shelled crustaceans that crust over wharves and rocks and the hulls of boats by the hundreds. Once they attach themselves to a solid surface, they are there forever, resting when the tide is out, feeding on plankton when the tide is in.


Play Tested: Pocket Power

Ken Lucas, the Unwinnable Tech Hunter, dissects and tests the MOGA Pocket controller.

The App Hole: Google Chromecast – A New Challenger Appears!

An already crowded media player marketplace sees Google step in, and Don Becker wonders if they just cleared the field entirely.