Savlonic: Viral to Hit

“I will always remember how Savlonic went from being a YouTube viral sensation to being an actual hit in the music industry.”

List-O-Mania, February 2017

Winter got your stir crazy? We’ve got plenty of suggestions to distract you.

Battle Jacket: The Best Metal of February 2017

This month, Jagged Vision claws their way to the top of our list with brutal riffs and razor sharp vocals.

The Burnt Offering – On Preconceived Notions

How do you create criteria to find more surprises that defy your criteria?

No Accounting for Taste: Freedom to the People!

“The pursuit of real freedom should always and necessarily lead to fascism’s defeat.”

Unwinnable Listens to the Best Music of 2016 – Finale

The 2016 Can You Hang Challenge come to a close. Who survived? Who did not? Why do we do this to ourselves? Find out inside!