You’re the Worst: The Show that’s Nearly as Good as its Theme Tune

Slothrust are like some old creepy person with a knife, but the knife’s for the cake you didn’t see before and it tastes really good. You’re the Worst doesn’t have any cake but I don’t see a knife anywhere either.


Videogame Music is Bad

An excellent score can turn a good piece of media into a master piece. Why is it so hard for videogames when they have access to stellar talent?


Rookie of the Year: The Scariest, Saddest Song of 2016

“What happens when you can’t even remember those favorite things that make you not feel so bad?” Matt Marrone on the horror of Daughter’s first track of 2016.


The Howls of the Damned – UW67

Where are the songs that make us scream in terror?


Rookie of the Year: Jesus Stalks

“When I go to church, it’s not to worship. It’s to stalk musicians.” Matt Marrone finds a way to enjoy his favorite off-tour band live.


Thoughts on the Internet’s Teen Angst

“‘You shouldn’t even exist’ is the new ‘you misplaced a comma.'” David Wolinsky on critique in the age of Twitter.