Mafia III and The Difficulty Of The Videogame Mixtape

Effectively using music in videogames is a completely different beast from nailing a music in a film.


September In Metal

“This band has member names like Bezaelith and Otrebor, so I mean, you’ve already won.”


Viva Belgrado

“For as long as I can remember, it’s been a running joke that every good screamo band has to break up after a single album.”


If You Want to View Paradise

“In high school, I wrote a musical.” Matt Marrone recalls a glorious time and pays tribute to Gene Wilder.


Unwinnable Monthly: Battle Jacket

The insanity of the U. S. presidential election is heating up; it’s time to push everything superfluous aside and answer the one question that really matters…


Haters Gonna Hate

What is a hater anymore? What is an alpha hater? How does Ke$ha factor into it?