Unwinnable Monthly: Battle Jacket

The insanity of the U. S. presidential election is heating up; it’s time to push everything superfluous aside and answer the one question that really matters…


Haters Gonna Hate

What is a hater anymore? What is an alpha hater? How does Ke$ha factor into it?


Unwinnable Monthly: Battle Jacket

With more than half of 2016 in the books already and the summer tour season in full swing, July is another great month for metal.


List-o-Mania July 2016

Playlist, Reading List, Now Playing, List


The Media Diet

A two week fast on one show or band is exactly what we need in an era of binge watching and trailer gluttony.

Thom Yorke

Rap Artists for People Who Don’t Like Rap

It started as an informational photo set on imgur and turned into questions of culture, mission, voice and race.