Unmixable: Live from the Kickstarter Telethon, Part Metal

Here is our celebratory Rock/Metal/Punk DJ mix that was performed live, shortly after the Kickstarter was funded,  on April 17, 2014, on the Unwinnable Kickstarter Telethon stream. DJ Kursse at the helm once again.


Rookie of the Year: Huh? What Did You Say Again?

Two weeks ago, the Rookie of the Year saw Mogwai live at Terminal 5 – and his ears are still ringing.


Unmixable: Live from the Kickstarter Telethon, Part Electronic

Kursse’s live DJ set from the Unwinnable Weekly Kickstarter telethon lives on in Unmixable.


Rookie of the Year: Six Things I Hate Right Now

The Rookie of the Year grumbles about Record Store Day, Almost Human, Threes, 2048 and more.

Record Store Day

Hail Satan!

Stu Horvath gets some of that old time diabolical religion at a Ghost B.C. concert.


In Defense Of Justin Bieber

It’s the eyebrows, I think, that really send people over the edge about Justin Bieber. He’s locked them in a position of permanent surprise, like everything he’s seeing – from screaming teens to Brazilian prostitutes – has left him dumbfounded. It’s an infuriating expression, one seen on club-bound bros and Jaden Smith, and they transform his already-punchable face into a neon sign flashing the words “PUNCH HERE. PUNCH HERE AND PUNCH HARD AND NOT EVEN THE MOST VENGEFUL JURY WITH THE HANGINGEST JUDGE IN THE DEEPEST DARKEST PART OF TEXAS WILL CONVICT YOU.” Credit to the lawyers at his recent