Whatever Happened to the Startup Sound? – An Excerpt from Unwinnable Monthly 93

What do Frank Ocean, Lil B, Sonic 06 and Max Coburn have in common? They’ve been seduced by the allure of the system startup sound.

Burnt Offering – The Perils of Realness

Forget all that other trash. This is the real deal.

List-O-Mania – July 2017

Stuff that Unwinnable likes in July, 2017.

A Simmering Hum

Momodara: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a constrained exploratory game with a singularity of purpose, in narrative presentation and the majority of its score.

a figure in red boots and a hoodie walking down a set of steps to the right. this is a still pixel art image.

Battle Jacket – The Best Metal of July 2017

July is going to be hard to top in terms of awesome metal albums released.

Chester Bennington: The Voice I Grew Up With

Then the internet happened. She was told that there are tons of better rock and metal acts out there. She discovered new bands. She learned about hardcore punk, post-hardcore, emo, grunge, post-grunge and many other genres. But she always came back to Linkin Park.

Lead singer of the group Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, holds a mic to his mouth in front of a crowd, his jaw jutting forward and his arm in the air. This picture is in black and white.