Battle Jacket – October in Metal

Need metal? Fear not, Hessian: Casey’s got all the rippingest releases from last month for you, right here.


Keep Your Things in a Place Meant to Hide

Kevin Moyer on posthumously releasing Elliott Smith’s music & why you should care about the death of radio.


Supernatural Encounters of the Strange Kind

This Halloween, we pay homage to ambient soundscapes and spooky beats in . . . Supernatural Encounters of the Strange Kind!


Mafia III and The Difficulty Of The Videogame Mixtape

Effectively using music in videogames is a completely different beast from nailing a music in a film.


September In Metal

“This band has member names like Bezaelith and Otrebor, so I mean, you’ve already won.”


Viva Belgrado

“For as long as I can remember, it’s been a running joke that every good screamo band has to break up after a single album.”