Gazing into the Beyond

“The easiest way to describe The Beyond is as a series of random acts of senseless violence…bears more than a passing similarity to many videogames.”


Mad Max’s Split Ambitions

Mad Max isn’t just one game. It’s two. And it can’t decide which it wants to be.” James Murff reveals Mad Max’s split design choices.


Revving the Engine: Outlaws

“I want to re-write the way the VFX industry does things and use games tech to do it.” Sponsored by Unreal Engine 4.


Shakespeare in Wrist Blades – UW59

The people who are making the new Macbeth movie are the same people who are making the Assassin’s Creed movie. Yes, you read that right.


The Dread of Knowing in Until Dawn – UW58

In Until Dawn, it is fear of the known that will give you nightmares.

Until Dawn

Through a Lens, Digitally

Argun Ulgen investigates the brightly colored, digitally filmed Slow West and digital movie making in the 21st century.

Slow West