Giallology: On A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin

“The truth comes to light in very odd colors.”

The Dark Tower and the Razor’s Edge of Mediocrity

The Dark Tower does something few other films are able to accomplish, it’s a perfectly “alright” film. It sits comfortably on the razor’s edge of mediocrity,

Idris Elba in a long coat and a shoulder holster, walking with a young boy through a yellow brown field. This is a still from the movie the Dark Tower.

A Ghost Story isn’t great it’s just slow

A Ghost Story is the kind of intellectual garbage a friend takes you to and insists it’s capital I Important.

Rooney Mara, a dark haired white woman, stands looking out to the right, as seen through a window. This is a shot from the film Ghost Story.

Documentary Sunday – Weiner

“Like Huma, the film encourages us to step back and look at politicians like these with ‘a mixture of contempt and sadness.'”

Burnt Offering – The Perils of Realness

Forget all that other trash. This is the real deal.

Giallology: On Short Night of Glass Dolls

“All our youth must eventually be sacrificed.”

A group of people in a room, looking somber the light across their faces showcasing the lines of a set of near drawn blinds. This is a still from Short Night of Glass Dolls.