The Monster in the Basement

Never turn your back to the hole by the furnace.


How Star Wars Engages The Younger Audience

It was a big week for Star Wars, seeing Rogue One trailers and Ahsoka’s new novel.


Bullitt to the Head

“The thing about memory is that it lies. Constantly. Our heads are like sieves and our brains try to plug the holes as best it can…”


Brief Encounter

If Brief Encounter does hold up, it’s probably because stories of love found at the wrong place and time are uniquely heartbreaking.


Firewatch, Portal And The Problem With Videogame Movies

There will always be problems when translating a story from an interactive medium to a non-interactive one.


The Slow Rise Of The Video Game Slasher

You would never guess that it would take a little maturation for the slasher genre to come back.