The Book of Henry is Not So Bad It’s Good

The Book of Henry is a baffling movie. It’s bizarrely bad, but there’s been some issues with coverage where people are implying that it has transcended to being a good-bad movie.

Jaeden Lieberher wearing a pair of steampunky goggles, a flight helmet and with a plunger over his shoulder. This is a still from the movie Book of Henry.

Burnt Offering – Unpopular Opinions

All my unpopular opinions, gathered in one convenient place.

The Mummy is a Garbage Movie

The thirstiest of women doesn’t come out of a 5000 year dry spell and jump the actual first man she sees.

Sitting in a military aircraft, Tom cruise looks real solemn. This is a still from the film The Mummy

Adam West, 1928-2017

Unwinnable remembers Adam West.

Neon Maniacs is the Dreamiest of Slashers

Despite all of this it’s criminally underdeveloped and frankly, a must see. So few 80’s slashers manage to be any good, and this one somehow stumbles into genius simply by being unfinished.

A "teenage" boy and girl lie on each other, as if caught mid make out. This is a still from the film Neon Maniacs.

Documentary Sunday – At All Costs

In amateur youth sports, there’s more at stake than how you play the game.