Have You Seen the Yellow Sign?

In 1938, Raymond Chandler published a short detective story called “The King in Yellow.” It takes its name from the victim, a musician named King Leopardi. When the hotel dick, Steve Grayce, finds the man shot to death in his bed, clothed in yellow silk pajamas, he remarks, “The King in Yellow. I read a book with that title once.”

Yellow King

The Collector

I’m fairly certain I’ll never become an antiquarian bookseller in real life, so I’ll settle for playing one on the Internet.


Out There, in the Darkness

Stu Horvath hunts for the Gloucester sea serpent – mostly from the safety of shore.


Night Sonnet

A sonnet to end Sleep Week.

Sleep Sonnet

A sonnet to begin Sleep Week.

Rewind, Fast-Forward

Stu Horvath used to watch everything over and over again. Now he can barely watch things once.


Richard Matheson, 1926 – 2013

Unwinnable remembers Richard Matheson.


Dilbert and Harry Potter: Fugitives From the Now

Daniel Kibblesmith makes it weird with Harry Potter. And Dilbert.