The Construction and Deconstruction of Yakuza

The two most iconic yakuza films, the ideal, and the ideal tear down, how do they fit in culture?


The Japan Issue – Variation Recap

Horror author Livia Llewellyn, Rocket League, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hitman: Agent 47 and Hypercharge – all in this Unwinnable Monthly.


The Sound and the Fury – Rape Scenes and Westerns in 2016

Two of the biggest movies of the season also feature rape scenes. Amanda has some thoughts.


Accidentally Killing the World With Kindness

Just some of the ways that humanity might accidentally shoot itself in the foot


Words like Hammers, Sentences like Bombs

Stu Horvath reads Laird Barron’s latest novella, X’s for Eyes.


Tanis: Restoring Mystery to the Internet

In a world where your telephone will answer any question, one podcast/radio drama keeps mystery alive.

Tanis Feat