Ready for the Weekend 8/28/2015

Today in 1845 the first issue of Scientific American magazine was published. Shortly after the first issue was printed people began to really fucking love science.


The Dread of Knowing in Until Dawn – UW58

In Until Dawn, it is fear of the known that will give you nightmares.

Until Dawn

Thoughts on the Internet’s Teen Angst

“‘You shouldn’t even exist’ is the new ‘you misplaced a comma.'” David Wolinsky on critique in the age of Twitter.


Rookie of the Year: Breaking Up With My Xbox

“I have come to the end of an era – I am finished with the gaming consoles that inspired me to begin this column in the first place.” The Rookie of the Year begins a new chapter.


The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 117: Voice & Choice

Episode 117 of the Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser is not about Halo, Master Chief or Bungie.

jjrowan (1)

The Breaking Point

“I had humiliated a father in front of his child. On Xbox Live. In Watch_Dogs.” After a trip to the Beverly Center and a Chicago intruder, Brock Wilbur quits videogames.