Remembering Fallout: The Original Post-Apocalyptic Experience

The fan mod Fallout 1.5 Resurrection is out, so let’s remember what made the original wasteland great.


The Curse of the Collectibles

Whether you like them or not in the N64/PS1 days, collectibles have now been boiled down to tedium and padding.


Westworld is Full of Monsters, They’re the Guests

Westworld is a lot more like Hostel than it is Red Dead Redemption.


Mafia III and The Difficulty Of The Videogame Mixtape

Effectively using music in videogames is a completely different beast from nailing a music in a film.


Party Starter: Games for a Good Time

Party on, party people. Let’s check out some of the best games to play over shots of Fireball and craft brews.


Dead-End Narrative

“In a world full of challenges, when our lives are defined by one obstacle after another, violence is a dead-end narrative.”