The Board Soul – Can a Card Game Make You Cry?

We’ve already hashed this tired question out in video games, but can tabletop game mechanics move us in the same way?

A grizzled man with a beard looks down at a vaguely humanoid toy face near a leaded glass window. This is the card art for the Magic the Gathering Card Feldon.

By Order of the Queen: An Order of Frustration

I have no inherent dislike for small amounts of luck in board games, but when a lengthy game comes down to a single dice roll, it can feel like a huge middle finger when you fail.

A table top all set up with the board game By Order of the Queen.

“We (Ain’t) Got Power” – Dragon Ball Z

Like every other child who grew up in the late 90s and early 00s with their attention split between videogames and anime, the announcement of Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ filled me with an exhilaration hard to describe to anyone beyond that particular milieu but instantly familiar to my peers.

An anime character (Goku?) standing on the edge of a large hand drawn plain.

List-O-Mania – July 2017

Stuff that Unwinnable likes in July, 2017.

Burly Men at Sea is like Wes Anderson made a Videogame

Burly Men at Sea is the kind of game that’s worth crawling back to an ex-boss to write about.

Three very bearded men standing in a barn next to a few chickens, some boxes and a red cow in a pen. This is a still from the game Burly Men at Sea.

A Simmering Hum

Momodara: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a constrained exploratory game with a singularity of purpose, in narrative presentation and the majority of its score.

a figure in red boots and a hoodie walking down a set of steps to the right. this is a still pixel art image.