The Promise of Stargazing in Destiny

“Destiny promised a universe beyond the sky; slowly it begins to deliver upon that promise.” Matthew Kim compares exploration between Bungie’s Halo and Destiny.


Voice acting doesn’t sell games. But it does make them.

“Characters that draw you into the world and tell you a story are what elevate a functional game to a great game. And, when the voice acting is bad, it’s what drops a functional game to a lousy game.”


No Quarter, NYU Supports Indie Devs for Sixth Year

NYU brought indie game devs together with players for a sixth year with the No Quarter Exhibition. Riley MacLeod shot over to Brooklyn to check it out.


The Horror of Being Human

“Both Resident Evil and Silent Hill represent the ultimate fear of losing whatever it is that makes us human.”


The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kasier – Episode 120: Witch-tober

Episode 120 of the Josh and Jay show Featuring Rowan Kaiser, like the KLF, is gonna to rock you!

jjrowan (1)

Salt Plays Itself

‘In the span of two years, Salty Bet seems to have cultivated itself out of the mass commotion of anonymous wagering to a more leashed chaos and misanthropy.”