How to Make Me Snap in Metroid Prime Federation Force

Nintendo fails to include effective team communication in it’s latest multiplayer offering.


Queers in Love Reminds Us to Live and Love

In ten seconds, Queers In Love At The End of the World captures the transcendent power of love with greater success than most big budget titles.


A Love Letter to the Wooden Cube

“Before opening the box, before reading any rules, a cube is just a cube. But it’s also potential. A chance for great things to happen.”


NBA 2K: MyCareer Mode is no Power Fantasy – And That’s a Good Thing

NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode wants you to remember: it’s okay to screw up.


I <3 Monster Hunter

“So how can Monster Hunter be accessible if it’s so inaccessible? Options.” Rob Rich expounds on his love for Monster Hunter.



“When I say survival, I mean making your way through a virtual world where you need to seek shelter and to eat and sleep. There are a few games that, as always, stand out.”