Rookie of the Year: Whichworld?

Which robot-populated historical simulation theme park would you visit?

The Song Doesn’t Remain the Same

“That long November 8 night has already had a notable aesthetic effect: the way we hear the music of 2016 has changed, perhaps forever.”

Rookie of the Year: The 1-Year-Old’s Guide to Gaming

“As we track his progress from infancy into full-blown toddlerhood, we’ve seen him come up with some pretty awesome [game] titles.”

If You Want to View Paradise

“In high school, I wrote a musical.” Matt Marrone recalls a glorious time and pays tribute to Gene Wilder.

The Message, Received

Matt Marrone recounts his history with fiction podcasts, starting with Welles’ 1938 War of the Worlds and ending with the 2015 The Message.

Rookie of the Year: The Scariest, Saddest Song of 2016

“What happens when you can’t even remember those favorite things that make you not feel so bad?” Matt Marrone on the horror of Daughter’s first track of 2016.