Rookie of the Year: Hack to the Future

There are secrets to be unearthed in Back to the Future, Part II.

Shit Show

What the opening segment of S-Town, the podcast everyone loves this week, should have told us.

Rookie of the Year: Whichworld?

Which robot-populated historical simulation theme park would you visit?

The Song Doesn’t Remain the Same

“That long November 8 night has already had a notable aesthetic effect: the way we hear the music of 2016 has changed, perhaps forever.”

Rookie of the Year: The 1-Year-Old’s Guide to Gaming

“As we track his progress from infancy into full-blown toddlerhood, we’ve seen him come up with some pretty awesome [game] titles.”

If You Want to View Paradise

“In high school, I wrote a musical.” Matt Marrone recalls a glorious time and pays tribute to Gene Wilder.