Rookie of the Year: Jesus Stalks

“When I go to church, it’s not to worship. It’s to stalk musicians.” Matt Marrone finds a way to enjoy his favorite off-tour band live.


Rookie of the Year: A Matter of Time

“Why am I floating above the city of Toronto?” Matt Marrone gets creative with a suite of CG geometric iOS photography additives.


Rookie of the Year: Your Game Just Wants Some Space

“We all know what it’s like to need a videogame. But what about when a videogame no longer needs you?” Matt Marrone on Fallout Shelter and the self-playing game


Rookie of the Year: Breaking Up With My Xbox

“I have come to the end of an era – I am finished with the gaming consoles that inspired me to begin this column in the first place.” The Rookie of the Year begins a new chapter.


Rookie of the Year: Not So Empty Nest

To prep for the Newborn of the Year, Matt Marrone spies on his family with a new surveillance camera.


The Seinfeld OASIS

The Rookie of the Year visits Seinfeld’s apartment after reading Ready Player One. Surreal? Not as much as you’d think.