Revving the Engine: Wartile

Stu talks to Michael Rud Jakobsen of Playwood Games about Wartile, a miniature war game come to life.

Revving the Engine: Ashen

Stu talks to Derek Bradley about Aurora44’s melancholy and dangerous exploration game Ashen. Sponsored by Unreal.

Revving the Engine: Shape of the World

Hot off his work on Gears of War 4, Stu Maxwell sat down with our own Stu Horvath to discuss his personal project, Shape of the World, a striking first person explorer.

Revving The Engine: Perception

Stu Horvath talks with Irrational Games vet Bill Gardner about his new project, Perception, a first person game that follows a blind woman into a horrific mystery.

Revving the Engine: Thunderbird

Despite the looming deadlines, Tony Davidson of Innervision Games, maker of Thunderbird, was kind enough to discuss the game with Stu.

Revving the Engine: The Long Journey Home

Stu got to sit down with Andreas Suika, the co-founder and creative director of Daedalic Studio West, to discuss The Long Journey Home and the Uncreal Engine.