Keep Your Things in a Place Meant to Hide

Kevin Moyer on posthumously releasing Elliott Smith’s music & why you should care about the death of radio.

Revving the Engine: Thunderbird

Despite the looming deadlines, Tony Davidson of Innervision Games, maker of Thunderbird, was kind enough to discuss the game with Stu.

I Love the 80s: An Interview with Kreg Mosier

Meg got to sit down with a lover of the 1980’s and maker of tabletop games, Kreg Mosier.

Playing With Our Emotions: An Interview with Yvvy

Empathy games aren’t going anywhere, and now they’ve made it into the classroom.

Composition Games: An Interview with Dr. Alexis Lothian

In a course on Gender, Race, and Digital Media, Dr. Alexis Lothian’s students express themselves by making games.

If You Build It They Will Come: Mark Oshiro on Trolls, Fandom, and Community Management

Megan Condis got to chat with the titular Mark of Mark Does Stuff on how to avoid fandoms becoming cesspools of trolls and bigotry.