Revving the Engine: Dead Static Drive

Stu interviews Mike Blackney, Unreal Dev Grant recipient, on his project Dead Static Drive. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


Rookie of the Year: Ace of Vase

“Where do iOS games come from, anyway?” Matt Marrone talks with iOS dev Geoff Gruetzmacher.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Reid McCarter and Patrick Lindsey introduce their critical anthology Shooter, a collection of essays about games with guns.


What Kids These Days Think About Videogames, Vol. 1

David Wolinsky interviews a thirteen-year-old about his gaming habits and the results may surprise you.


It Belongs In A Museum!

Steve Haske talks with Jacob McMurray, senior curator of the new Indie Game Revolution exhibit at Seattle’s EMP Museum.



Jordan Minor talks to game developers Tom Heinecke (bit Dungeon), David Laskey (Tetrapulse), Matt Carter (Ray’s the Dead) and Brianna Wu (Revolution 60) about some unexpected career milestones.