Revving the Engine: Ashen

Stu talks to Derek Bradley about Aurora44’s melancholy and dangerous exploration game Ashen. Sponsored by Unreal.

Keep Your Things in a Place Meant to Hide

Kevin Moyer on posthumously releasing Elliott Smith’s music & why you should care about the death of radio.

Revving the Engine: Thunderbird

Despite the looming deadlines, Tony Davidson of Innervision Games, maker of Thunderbird, was kind enough to discuss the game with Stu.

I Love the 80s: An Interview with Kreg Mosier

Meg got to sit down with a lover of the 1980’s and maker of tabletop games, Kreg Mosier.

Playing With Our Emotions: An Interview with Yvvy

Empathy games aren’t going anywhere, and now they’ve made it into the classroom.

Composition Games: An Interview with Dr. Alexis Lothian

In a course on Gender, Race, and Digital Media, Dr. Alexis Lothian’s students express themselves by making games.