HUD: Iowa Caucus, The Worst Roleplaying Game You’ll Ever Play

Turns out the Iowa Caucus is a lot like a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A really bad campaign, but a campaign nonetheless. Andrea Ayres teaches us how to play.


Thumper Dev Talks Star Wars, Braid, and the Weirdness of Playing Games

Rhythm violence is coming in the form of Thumper, and we’re not talking about the cartoon rabbit.


Revving the Engine: 404Sight

Stu interviews Tina Kalinger, producer of sandbox runner/internet service provider fighter 404Sight. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


The Good Dinosaur and Bill Nye’s Admirable Exercise in Futility

Who would have thought that a movie about dinosaurs would parallel the old Ken Ham/Bill Nye dispute?


Interview with Alex Preston, the Creator of Hyper Light Drifter

Tim got to sit down with Hyper Light Drifter creator, Alex Preston.


Revving the Engine: Planet Alpha 31

Stu interviews Adrian Lazar, (mostly) sole developer of alien platformer Planet Alpha 31. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.