HUD: Tension of Fandom

Time to dig real deep into the ever evolving world, and dangers, of fandoms.


Pokémon Go Succeeds Where it Counts

Despite freezes, crashes and server problems, Pokémon Go has been a massive success.


Call of Dewty: How We Eat Games

Andrea Ayres digs deep into how food and marketing direct our actions, and how we consume games.


Why All the Hate?: A History of Internet Trolls

Another day, another flood of trolls complaining online about videogames and hurling abuse at developers and fellow gamers who disagree with them.


My Inner Scales

“Facing me was an eternity of inky water: clean, pure, impenetrable.” Ario Elami finds an intriguing role-playing opportunity in Dark Souls‘ Path of the Dragon.


The Henchman’s Lament

“The reason I break my silence now and face certain doom is to make a simple plea: remember that henchmen are people too.” C.T. Casberg on being an NSA henchman