GameStop’s Publishing Future

GameStop is nothing if not malleable. Where are they going with their future as a publisher?


Do Your Part, Get Danny DeVito to Voice Pikachu

Pikachu has a soulful, wise human voice in the Japanese trailer for Detective Pikachu. Why not just turn him into Frank Reynolds for the Westen audience?


Square Enix’s Hitman model is dangerously consumer positive

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake being broken into parts was met with disappointment, Hitman’s model is a cause for celebration.


How Undertale Broke the Internet

When Undertale won GameFAQs’ annual Best Game Ever bracket, the community went insane. But why?


A Very Viking Christmas Interview

Sing a Rune Carol this Christmas

Viking Christmas

ESPN Analyst’s Rage Supports Esports Growth

Through his constant negativity, Colin Cowherd has documented a wealth of progress in the eSports gaming community.