What is Bob Ross Doing on Twitch?

I looked away for 30 seconds and missed an entire foreground.


The Road to Space is Procedurally Generated

Elite: Dangerous will be seeing planetary add-ons. No Man’s Sky continues to wait in the wings. They’re very different games, but they’re both carried by high technology.


PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail

Designers and critics have more in common than you might think.


Two Billion Miles: You Have Two Choices and None of Them Involve Staying Here

Two Billion Miles shows you 3000 people toiling to live together in a deserted shopping mall, sharing 1 water source and 7 portaloos between them. Then it makes you one of those people.


The Road to an Android Future goes through the Uncanny Valley

Science Fiction of old oft envisions humans coexisting with androids as does Quantic Dreams recently revealed game Detroit, but Japan may have taken the first step toward that reality with their android actress.


Tusks, The Dating Sim About “Otherness” and Hot, Gay Orcs

Tim Mulkerin sat down to see what Mitch Alexander’s all male, orc dating sim was all about and how it fits into the LGBTQ community.