A Less-Than-Sunny Press Release from the Nintendo of 2020

It’s less of a good time to be Nintendo, here in the year 2020.


A Sunny Press Release from the Nintendo of 2020

It’s a great time to be Nintendo here in the year 2020!


The Future of Fairy Tales

The latest motion-capture technology could completely change the way parents interact with their kids.


The Fresh Ingredients of Furi

Combine one part action, two parts speed, plenty of style, a dash of bullet hell and pressure cook with high intensity.


Why Aren’t You Already Following @WhoresofYore

People have been doing the hunka chunka for a long time. Amanda is kind enough to give us a valuable historical resource to scroll through on our lunch breaks.


Paragon: Making MOBA Less of a Dirty Word

If you’re not in the MOBA club, you’re not in the club. Paragon is making accommodations for those not willing to invest 200 hours to learn the basics.