Ready for the Weekend 6/24/2016

Today in 1374 a sudden outbreak of St. John’s Dance caused people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations and begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion.


Memories of a Childhood Artifact From 6180 the moon

It’s a big solar system where everyone wants something, and the Moon is caught in the middle.


Ready for the Weekend 3/25/2016

Today in 1655 Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, was discovered by scientist and mathematician Christiaan Huygens.


Ready for the Weekend 3/4/2016

Today in 1918 the USS Cyclops departed from Barbados and sailed into the Bermuda Triangle to never be seen again.


Ready for the Weekend

Tomorrow is Geek Flea 10. However today in 1966 the musical “Cabaret,” opened on Broadway. Willkommen!


Ready for the Weekend 11/6/2015

Today in 1947, Meet the Press made its television debut. Long term host Tim Russert would be born 3 years in Buffalo, New York.