Finding Cullen

The following is a reprint from Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Three. If you enjoy what you read, please consider purchasing the issue or subscribing for a month. ——— Perhaps the best way I’ve found to tell if a game is going to be worth playing before release is to gauge how confident its developers are, and the best way to do that is to count the number of gameplay videos, streams and trailers they put out. If it’s a trickle, that doesn’t necessarily mean the game is going to be bad, but it should potentially make you wary – the devs are likely nervous that


Ready for the Weekend 10/24/2014

Well, today in 1593, Gil Perez spontaneously teleported from Manila, in the Philippines to Mexico City, Mexico.

plaza mayor

Ready for the Weekend 10/10/2014

Today is David Lee Roth’s birthday. Celebrate the day as he might.


Ready for the Weekend 10/3/2014

Today in 1849, American author Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious in a gutter in Baltimore under mysterious circumstances; it was the last time he was seen in public before his death. Hey have a better weekend than that!


Ready for the Weekend 9/26/2014

On September 26th 1580, Sir Francis Drake finished his circumnavigation of the Earth. He returned to Plymouth, England, with 59 remaining crew aboard.


Ready for the Weekend 8/1/2014

Today in 1981, MTV went on the air and played their first music video, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” by Buggles. In just 32 years, MTV has all but stopped playing those pesky music videos entirely.  Show me your weekend face!