Battle Jacket: The Best Metal of April 2017

It is hard to hear anything other than Mastodon’s thunder this month.

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Unwinnable Monthly – April 2017

What’s going on with Unwinnable in April? Everything, naturally.

Badly Damaged: Weapon Durability in Breath of the Wild

“Instead of providing a sense of variety in combat, you find yourself hoarding weapons for fear of losing them.”

Last Week’s Comics 4/26/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on Sex Criminals # 18 and Redneck # 1.

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“Any Witch Way But Loose” – Flying Witch Vol. 1

Flying Witch is like a warm bath full of fizzing bubbles just waiting to receive us after another miserable day spent trudging through a miserable world.

List-O-Mania, April 2017

Need a book to read, a game to play or a playlist to listen to? Unwinnable’s got you covered with our April recommendations.

The Significance of Alt-J’s Psychedelic Web Game

It’s fascinating to see how videogames are gradually becoming part of a collaborative whole in an artist’s arsenal of expressions.