Burnt Offering – The Perils of Realness

Forget all that other trash. This is the real deal.

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Unwinnable Monthly – July 2017

Unwinnable Monthly’s got Twin Peaks fever.

Giallology: On Short Night of Glass Dolls

“All our youth must eventually be sacrificed.”

A group of people in a room, looking somber the light across their faces showcasing the lines of a set of near drawn blinds. This is a still from Short Night of Glass Dolls.

Meeting Diane – An Excerpt from Unwinnable Monthly 93

With Twin Peaks: The Return, David Lynch and Mark Frost built a machine to confound the expectations of viewers. Diane is that machine’s perfect creation.

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The Board Soul – Can a Card Game Make You Cry?

We’ve already hashed this tired question out in video games, but can tabletop game mechanics move us in the same way?

A grizzled man with a beard looks down at a vaguely humanoid toy face near a leaded glass window. This is the card art for the Magic the Gathering Card Feldon.

By Order of the Queen: An Order of Frustration

I have no inherent dislike for small amounts of luck in board games, but when a lengthy game comes down to a single dice roll, it can feel like a huge middle finger when you fail.

A table top all set up with the board game By Order of the Queen.

Last Week’s Comic 7/26/17

Team Unwinnable Reviews Astonishing X-Men #1 and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #5.

A woman with her head thrown back. a text bubble comes from her with "AAAAA" visible, and her hair is thrown back and floating suspended in the air. This is a screenshot from the Astonishing X-Men #1