Ready for the Weekend 5/16/2014

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  • Today in 1888, Nikola Tesla delivered a lecture describing equipment which would allow efficient generation and use of alternating currents to transmit electric power over long distances. Several years later he would develop a defense tower based on this idea  that would be bought by NOD and powered by Tiberium.

    Stu Horvath: Nos aprico a facie Satanus, qui id est Magnum Seditionem. Et laudabunt.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I will see Ghost and party with friends on Saturday. Sunday I will be going to Wild West City, a city going wild. I might also buy Far Cry 2 and download all the graphical enhancement packs. 

    Ian Gonzales: I am going to the Defiant Brewery for a buddy’s birthday. I am also going to the dentist again – this time for a crown fitting!

    Matt Marrone: I will be drinking a lot of beer on Saturday and celebrating my sister’sbirthday on Sunday. And maybe hitting the batting cages, too, if there’s time.

    Ken Lucas: I will also be seeing Ghost on Saturday and partying hard. On Sunday, I will try to remember my name. It is also my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

    Erik Weinbrecht: This weekend I’m going to see Godzilla at the drive-in theater in Warwick and will continue reading A Clash of Kings. I’m also hoping new Ortofone cartridge comes in so I can soak in some finely translated vinyl.

    Owen SmithOwen Smith: On Saturday I say goodbye to one helluva decade and celebrate my 30th trip around the sun. Seattle friends of Unwinnable are going to help me make the night one worth remembering, even if I don’t! 

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