Ready for the Weekend 5/3/2013

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  • “The Third of May, 1808  is a painting completed in 1814 by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya, now in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.When you are going about your business, always remember to stand up and fight.

    Stu Horvath: I will be putting up a new fence in my backyard. After being chased by bees and covered in ants while taking the old fence down, I am beginning to understand why all the Portuguese in town cover their yards in concrete. Also: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I will not buy records. This weekend I will spend some quality time with my computer and play games, hang out with my pregnant wife and recover from seeing Clutch and The Sword last night.

    Ian Gonzales: Aside from wishing I was hanging with Ethan this weekend (though I’d go with the doner kabobs and Mackesons diet), I will be attending four birthday parties in two and a half days. One of those celebrations involves watching Iron Man 3. I will also eat pizza at some point. Turtle power.

    Don Becker: Two words: playoff hockey.

    Matt Marrone: Working and eating Indian food.

    Ethan Sacks: Seeing Star Trek in London tomorrow. Will spend most of rest of weekend photon-torpedoing my diet with beer and fish and chips.

    Ken Lucas: I will not be attending Sam’s birthday party. Though it does sound like fun. Instead, I will be partaking in some board gaming and reviewing some found footage from some past events.

    Erik Weinbrecht: This weekend I’m playing at Buddies in Sayerville, New Jersey, on Saturday. I’m also dog-sitting a horse… I mean Great Dane named Toby. Good times.

    Mark Mariano: I’ll be selling books and making art at the Hoboken Art & Music Festival.

    Steve Haske: I’m certainly not attending Sam Machkovech’s super secret Seattle birthday party this weekend! Or seeing Iron Man 3 or playing the Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut.

    Chris Dahlen: We’ll probably hit Free Comic Book Day at Jetpack Comics, to see Kevin Eastman and Ed McGuinness. Probably playing more Tomb Raider. Maybe even get some work done, who knows – let’s not go crazy or anything.

    Richard Clark: I mean really all I want is to not be sick and to do nothing all weekend. That’s all I ever really wanted from a weekend. Also I will be avoiding Kentucky Derby-related stuff.

    Sam Machkovech: Today is Sam Machkovech’s birthday. Sweet. I’m throwing a house party tonight in Seattle (DON’T TELL STEVE HASKE), then tomorrow, I’m seeing the band METZ lay waste in concert. I might finally play FC3: Blood Dragon, as well.

    Brendan Keogh: I will be finishing off an academic paper about Angry Birds and trying to figure out what the heck Dragon’s Dogma is about.

    Dan CrabtreeDan Crabtree: Surviving, and playing Don’t Starve, which is a game and euphemism for my approach to lunch.

    Teddy DiefenbachTeddy Diefenbach: I shall be playing the role of British gentleman Khover T. Ageante in a rousing 1940s murder mystery dinner party. I will be playing this role to the best of my ability, which is to say, poorly.

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