Ready for the Weekend 4/11/2013

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  • Today in 1976 the Apple computer, hand-built by Steve Wozniak, was released to the public; it’s now known as the Apple 1. Its introductory price was $666.66 – creepy. Besides Geek Flea V, what are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: Geek Flea V. Then sleep. Blessed sleep.

    Chuck Moran: I will put on my best P.T. Barnum identity and sell some raffle tickets and help out the best I can at Geek Flea – come down and visit. Possibly play board games on Friday night.

    Ian Gonzales: I will be hitting up Geek Flea V this Saturday. Then I’m off to see The  Sonics at the Bell House. Sunday is reserved for writing, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. Oh, and sleep… somewhere.

    Dave Trainer:  Geek Flea V is this weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have a table but I will be there buying stuff from my friends. Also Saturday is the Rangers v. Islanders game. Unwinnable columnist and all-around solid dude Don Becker will be cheering on the Islanders and I will be cheering on the Rangers as we put our friendship on hold in between commercial breaks whilst each team battles for a playoff spot. I am sure Don and I will resume our friendship once the horn sounds.

    Don Becker: After Geek Flea V I will be testing the limits of my friendship with Dave Trainer by watching the most important Islanders/Rangers game in 20 years with him.

    Matt Marrone: Working on Saturday and just taking it from there.

    Ken Lucas: I will be at my Hoarder Art booth selling jewelry and lamps at Geek Flea V. It will be a fun day selling things and hanging out with buddies!

    Mark Mariano: I’ll miss my fellow Geek Flea folk this time around but I’ll still be selling my books in Ohio at SPACE.

    Rowan Kaiser: I am going to be marketing the hell out of the crowdfunding campaign of my book-length analysis of Mass Effect, Potential Space. Oh, look, I just did.

    Richard Clark: This is the weekend I convince myself I’ve had enough time to recover from GDC and get to work writing stuff.

    Brendan Keogh: I’ll be burning the midnight oil to hit three deadlines that all happen to be on Monday. Occasionally I might take a break to argue on the Internet about games I haven’t played yet. Apparently, I do that now.

    Dan Crabtree: I’ll be making music and lots of snot as I crawl out of illness and into spring allergies. The music bit is unrelated to the congestion.

    Teddy DiefenbachTeddy Diefenbach: I will be making SO MANY animated GIFs to post on our new Tumblr. The human brain has been programmed over thousands of years to think video games with animated screenshots are superior.

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