Ready for the Weekend 3/22/2013

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  • Today is the birthday of William Shatner. Celebrate his birth by listening to his cover of “Common People.” Enjoy your weekend, boldly. Here is what we are doing – what are you doing?

    Stu Horvath: I am in San Francisco, preparing the way for Unwinnable’s imminent takeover. All your drinks are belong to us.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend is opening ceremonies for GDC week at the Unwinnable Earthquake Machine in San Francisco. Prepare for an onslaught of tweets, Instagrams and hashtags. Should be a fun week.

    Ian Gonzales: Reigning Sound will be playing the Norton Records benefit show at The Bell House, so I’ll be checking that out. If you’re in Brooklyn Friday night, you should check it out too. There will also be lunch, writing and buddies (though not in that order).

    Don Becker:

    Matt Marrone: Shuffling back and forth between working and sleeping.

    Ken Lucas: I will be flying out to San Francisco this weekend for GDC. Apparently we will be staying near the site of the Grateful Dead’s infamous Acid Test. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

    Mark Mariano: I got a lot of cartoons and comics to catch up on. Just finished the most recent Walking Dead trade paperback. Wow, Negan is one crazy dude.

    Brian Taylor: Being sure to wear some flowers in my hair.

    Steve Haske: I am drunk as of this posting, which is probably a good barometer of where I will be this weekend (and after) when I meet the Manse Unwinnable denizens for GDC. It is likely that once again Chuck will never see me actually go to bed. Also, Chuck and I (and Stu, probably) will have cake for Chuck’s birthday. Anyone else is welcome.

    Chris Dahlen:  Can’t eat can’t sleep can’t think can’t focus. It’s almost GDC. This is my seventh and you’d think they’d get easier but no, it’s always like this, too much joy, too much pressure. Oh, and I’ve got PAX East too, which will be like when the waiter brings you bread before your three-course meal and then you eat too much bread but you scarf down dinner anyway. Anyway, looking forward to bonding with Unwinnable and everyone else in San Francisco. Wish us luck re: earthquakes.

    Richard Clark: I am kicking the weekend off by taking my girlfriend on our anniversary date. One year! Already! Then I will go to sleep, wake up and get on a plane to San Francisco and all my best Internet friends! See you at GDC!

    Sam Machkovech: I second Ian’s recommendation for Reigning Sound. I cannot publicly state the things that I may or may not be involved with at the Unwinnable GDC Suplex this weekend — which, by the way, is its official name. (Like a duplex, but better.)

    Brendan Keogh: I will spend 18 hours on an airplane to arrive at SFO 15 minutes before I leave Melbourne and then excitedly hug Brian Taylor, being careful not to knock the flowers from his hair.

    Mike Rousseau: I’ll be working my way up to fighting the Barroth in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This is where 75% of people who play the game quit. I will beat him. I will carve him. I will wear his hide like a unitard. My gunlance is fight.

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