The Unwinnable and 80s Tees Video Game Clothing Giveaway!

Unwinnable has teamed up with 80s Tees to give away one each of the following new gaming garb:

(We are giving away the shirts, not the beardy guys.)

Contest entry is free. Just leave a comment below that tells us which shirt you want. The contest ends on Monday, March 25 at 9 a.m. After that, we’ll pick one winner for each shirt. We’ll contact winners via email to get your shirt size and shipping address.

One entry per person, so pick which shirt you want to win wisely! Use your real email address when you leave your comment so we can contact you if you win.

(Also, since we’ve got two types of Tanooki Mario shirts, make sure to specify if you want to be entered to win the Tanooki Mario or the Pixel Tanooki Mario shirt!)

UPDATE: Time’s up! We’ll announce our winners and contact them in the next couple days. Thanks for participating, everyone!

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  • Christina Y.

    Super Mario Bros 3 shirt! (:

  • Will

    Tanooki Mario!

  • @Austieb7

    Definitely the Tri-Force Hoodie! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Alexa

    Tanooki Mario shirt would be awesome! Thanks!

  • LuperX

    Zelda Tri-Force Hoodie!

  • Kareem

    Winner Here. Tri-force Hoodie Me

  • Katlyn

    Zelda Tri-Force Hoodie!!!!!!!!!!

  • liquidsnake

    Tanooki Mario shirt ;_;

  • Chris

    Tri-force hoodie, please! ^_^

  • ghm007

    Triforce Hoodie please ^.^

  • Nick

    Tri-Force Hoodie please :)

  • Jackie

    I'd love the Tri Force Hoodie! That looks amazing. Thanks!

  • Calvin

    Triforce hoodie please :D

  • E Davis

    Super Mario Bros 3! Super Mario Bros 3! :D

  • Jessie

    Triforce hoodie. Everyone is going to want it lol

  • Angelo Fiero

    Tri-Force hoodie looks awesome!

  • Lee

    Would make my day, no week if I got that Zelda hoodie!

  • Lan

    Zelda Tri-Force Hoodie

  • Nikita

    I would love to get anything!

  • Karl

    I'd like to participate for the tri force hoodie! :)

  • April

    Tri force hoodie, please!

  • Alex

    Triforce hoodie!