Ready for the Weekend 1/11/2013

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  • Today in 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. What are you doing?

    Stu Horvath: All I can think about is Borderlands 2. For more about my weekend, see Chuck Moran’s entry.

    Chuck Moran: Tonight I am going to Barcade and might meet up with Jeffrey Matulef. Tomorrow will lunch with Don and Ken. Sunday will involve some Borderlands 2. Maybe try and see the black cowboy movie or the movie with the bad guy in the sand.

    Don Becker: Unlunchable with Charles Moran and Ken Lucas, and Stu Horvath?

    Matt Marrone: Working straight through the weekend. But planning some desperately needed beach time for next weekend. Lord give me strength.

    Ken Lucas: Hopefully I’ll be having lunch with Team Unlistenable. My weekend will also consist of jewelry making and playing iOS games.

    Mark Mariano: I’ll be celebrating my wife’s birthday all weekend, creating comics and watching Cheers.

    Steve Haske: It looks like moving day is fast approaching for me, so I am swamped in work and dealing with that. Probably my nose won’t lift above the grindstone for the next few days.

    Chris Dahlen: Is that a flu I feel coming on? Time to hole up in bed all weekend and play the Rayman Legends demo until the Wii U expires it on me.

    Richard Clark: I’ll be one of the poor souls working all weekend. Fortunately, part of that work involves playing through Kentucky Route Zero, which I am pretty excited about.

    Jordan Mammo: Exploring New York City with my lady friend and most likely drinking with some good friends. I’ll probably also watch Lost and continue to be simultaneously annoyed and riveted by it.

    Ryan Kuo: Dark Souls, with XCOM as the chaser. I’ll also be attempting to learn Objective C.

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