Ready for the Weekend 1/4/2013

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  • Today, in 1974, Richard Nixon refused to hand over materials subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee. What are you doing this first weekend of the new year?

    Stu Horvath: How is it the weekend already? Wasn’t yesterday Tuesday? Oh, post-holiday normality, I can not comprehend you. I will instead be shirking you in favor of I am Alive and ever more Far Cry 3.

    Chuck Moran: Hoping to spend some time with the computers in my life. I think I am due a quiet weekend. Putting away the Christmas ornaments and hanging out in my brand new Captain Kirk bathrobe. Gaming-wise, Far Cry 3 and saying no to Assassin’s Creed III.

    Ian Gonzales: I am seeing Django Unchained this weekend. Also, if I have any hope of keeping my New Year’s resolution to read a book a week, I really need to finish reading Over the Edge of the World by Sunday.

    Ebenezer Samuel: Tearing myself away from my latest addiction to Borderlands 2 so I can go to Baltimore and watch Ray Lewis’ final NFL game and consider once again how painfully unrealistic and disappointing EA’s Madden series has been in recent years.

    Don Becker: My goal for this year is to run 365 miles. That starts tomorrow. Also in the offing, quality time with my Nexus 10 and Sky Safari, drinks and Cards Against Humanity with broomballers, and the one spectator sport I have left to care about: English soccer.

    Matt Marrone: I saw Scarlett Johansson on Broadway on Thursday night from the third row. I’m not sure my weekend will top that, but I’ll try.

    Gus Mastrapa: Our new bed is getting delivered on Sunday! The last time I had a new bed you could meet people at the gate.

    Erik Weinbrecht: I’m so fucking happy to be done with Assassin’s Creed III. Hopefully as I’m playing through Resident Evil 6 this weekend, my opinion of it will not suffer the same fate… Oh, and Django Unchained will be seen.

    Rob Haines: I’ve finally started Dishonored, and have discovered quite how unsuited I am to the subtle art of assassination. As such, my weekend plans largely consist of falling off things, stabbing people violently in the neck when I intended merely to lift their purse and my wife laughing uproariously as I’m caught and executed yet again.

    Steve Haske: Going a bit off the radar this weekend. What does that mean? Who knows!

    Richard Clark: Finally getting back to playing Borderlands 2 with my Borderlands 2 buddy tonight. Then tomorrow I’m playing Agricola for the first time. They’re basically the same game, right?

    Jay Pullman: Planning to slog through the rest of Assassin’s Creed III and, at some point, jump back into one of the many Civ 5 multiplayer games I’ve started over the past couple weeks. I’m also going to return some cardigans at the cardigan store in exchange for some different cardigans.

    Dan Apczynski: I’ll be doing my best to sneak some time with Sleeping Dogs in between somewhat longer periods of Awake Baby. Both are rewarding, open-world adventures that rely heavily on the ability to correctly time one’s actions.

    Sam Machkovech: I should buy some shelves.

    Jason Johnson: Sleeping on the couch, after the water heater decided to spring a leak and come through the wall into the bedroom. Now I’ve got the carpet pulled up and fans blowing. New year!

    Shawn Alexander: I’ll probably be tied to my desk working on my game and work contracts and the like all weekend, with some occasional Fez & maybe Demon’s Souls.

    Ryan Kuo: Apart from picking up the pieces from the fall semester, I recently got a new iPhone 5 and have been enthusiastically double-home-tap multitasking between Hundreds, God of Blades, Into the Dead, Fairway Solitaire, Letterpress, Outwitters, Punch Quest, TNNS, Waking Mars, Burrito Bison and Infinity Blade II, which finally loads in under five minutes. I’ll most likely be trying to pass the 30s in Hundreds and making a third or fourth attempt at learning Summoner Wars by reading the one-millimeter-tall card descriptions. Gaming! I’m also reading philosophy.

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