Ready for the Weekend 12/21/2012

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  • Everyone have a happy and safe weekend. Be it with family or friends, heck if you all lived near by I would make each one of you a cup of hot chocolate and put a candy cane in it. Have good times and be good to each other.

    Stu Horvath: This weekend, there will be no mice stirring, but I can’t say the same for the rats in Dishonored, my game of choice for the long weekend. For Christmas Carols, I have the Hotline Miami soundtrack. If anyone wants to take long rides at night and pretend those Christmas lights are neon, I am all for it.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I will be prepping for Santa and such. I will more than likely continue my annual tradition of going to Macy’s on the 23rd at midnight so see the mania and buy some last minute gifts. Then we usually hit up the diner for waffles.

    Ian Gonzales:  I am wrapping my niece’s Christmas presents while listening to Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift For You on repeat. There are a lot of presents and I suck at wrapping. I’m also reading a lot of comics because nearly every comic I read came out this week.

    Don Becker: Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m done Christmas shopping. There’s always one person that gets forgotten about in the craziness of the holiday season. But if I have to go to the mall while the Jets further stink up the Meadowlands, so be it.

    Matt Marrone: One last weekend of work/preparations before my four days of Christmas in upstate New York and eastern Pennsylvania. Ho ho Hallelujah.

    Ken Lucas: I usually play Santa for the holidays, but this year I think I’ll be Krampus. Aside from celebrating with the family, I will have a week off from work to catch up on some gaming. If it’s the end of the world you will either find me in a liquor store or hacking the dead to pieces on the streets of New Jersey. Happy Festivus everybody!

    Gus Mastrapa:  I am going to make a pot of tea and eat all of these cookies. And then go see The Hobbit with the wife.

    Brian Bannen: Headed to NY to see my family for Christmas. If the world’s going to end, I’ll be in great company.

    Mark Mariano: I’ll be rocking with The O>Matics at the Loop Lounge on Saturday. Watch out! Now we have a HORN SECTION. Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Steve Haske: God damn Chuck, I am going to go out and buy a candy cane and hot chocolate (with little freeze-dried marshmallows!) in it so I can experience the purest holiday bliss possible outside of brandy and eggnog. Also on the docket: PSN games, The Hobbit, holiday time with the folks and maybe if I’m lucky an end of the world party with ladies. I probably won’t be lucky.

    Chris Dahlen:Headed to Manchester, New Hampshire, for a Monarchs game, so that’s where I’ll be if the world ends – at an AHL hockey game, drinking Schlitz. Jealous yet, Mayans? The rest of the weekend I’m doing last-minute Christmas shopping. There are still a few gifts that I haven’t bought myself yet.

    Richard Clark: Headin’ down south to Alabama! Looking forward to time with family, friends, and Far Cry 3. I need to beat that thing.

    Sam Machkovech: Putting the final touches on episode 3 of the SMSWSH. Waiting for the price of Spec Ops: The Line to drop even lower in the Steam sale. Plotting a nefarious scheme.

    Brendan Keogh: I don’t think the world has ending, but it is so hot down here at the moment that I can’t be too sure. This weekend I’ll be hanging out with family before Christmas and watching my twelve-year-old brothers do their best to render Mark of the Ninja a run’n’slash action game. So far they’re not doing too well.

    Nels Anderson: They will learn Brendan. Through their suffering, they will learn.

    Chris MartinezDan Crabtree: We already celebrated Christmas (transient siblings), so I’ll be cranking away on Far Cry 3 and listening to as many Joe Bonamassa albums as Pandora can find.

    Mike RousseauJill Scharr: Looks like I’ll be in bed, being hella sick, and watching hella Netflix. Ugh. Maybe play some Final Fantasy IV on my new 3DS.

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