Ready for the Weekend 12/14/2012

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  • Today in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first attempt at flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Pretty cool! What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: Far Cry 3, the Hotline Miami soundtrack and Christmas decorating. How’s that for holiday spirit?

    Chuck Moran: I am going to play catch up. Catch up on chores, videogames and buddies. I will also play the Hotline Miami soundtrack on repeat. Those wallets aren’t going to craft themselves.

    Ian Gonzales: This weekend is dedicated to dental fillings, comics and an unexpected party. I will also be playing the Hotline Miami soundtrack nonstop.

    Matt Marrone: Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party on Friday and a celebration of the life and times of Krampus on Saturday. Sunday it’s decorating my tree and checking out the lights in Dyker Heights. I’ll be wearing a few more grooves into the old Nat King Cole, too.

    Ken Lucas: I will be attending a 50s themed Christmas party on Saturday. I will also find time to squeeze in the new Walking Dead iOS game.

    Brian Bannen: Finally relaxing after the weeks of stress I put into my wife’s 30th birthday party. I plan on finishing Citizen Hughes and starting on Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth. We’ll see if plan and practice meet.

    Mark Mariano: Saturday, I’ll be at Creating With Compassion, a fun event to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy at Jersey City’s Art House Productions.

    Steve Haske: I will watch The Fountain and play Far Cry 3. I’ll continue reading my book about combat infantry if Afghanistan and hopefully see some pals. Hope it’s not too cold!

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