Ready for the Weekend 12/7/12

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  • Today is Pearl Harbor Day – don’t forget it. What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: Monday is my birthday, so this weekend will be filled with delicious meals, taxidermy, more drinking than usual. In my sober, not-eating moments, I will be killing endangered species in Far Cry 3 – but not for taxidermy.

    Chuck Moran:  Saturday I will go to Barcade in Jersey City for a sandwich and a beer. Then I will watch a karaoke nightmare unfold at one of the last true Polynesian restaurants in existence  The food sucks and so does the service; however, those drinks are strong as fuck. Sunday, I am going to break bread with Stu for his birthday. In between that Halo 4 and slog through more of Assassin’s Creed 3.

    Don Becker: It’s a Brooklyn kind of weekend. Jingle Bell Jog in Prospect Park and brunch on Saturday, a possible trip to the zoo and my first NBA game ever at the brand new Barclays Center on Sunday. I’d love to imagine what that place will look like with a hockey rink, but I don’t know if there’ll be NHL hockey in 2015. At least there’ll be broomball on Tuesday (gold medal game)!

    Matt Marrone: Apparently my weeknight jam is taking septuagenarians to strip clubs. Weekends? They’re for working.

    Ethan Sacks: Busy transcribing and writing Hobbit Week articles in the Daily News. Suddenly, as I gear up to pull an all-nighter, the free trip to New Zealand and access to all the filmmakers is no longer “free” or glamorous. The main thing I discovered? I don’t look very good in a gray lycra performance capture suit.

    Steve Haske: Chuck really likes his sandwiches. I am doing a podcast and murdering dudes on tropical islands. And maybe invading other people’s Anor Londos.

    Richard Clark: Going to Indianapolis to meet up with some friends for a little Christmas shindig! Shinning and digging! Oh Yeah!

    Sam Machkovech: Looking for a job. Listening to Big Boi. Seeing if anybody is playing Guardians of Middle-Earth on XBL.

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