Ready for the Weekend 11/9/12

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  • Today is Carl Sagan’s birthday. He was a cool guy that brought science to the living room. What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: This weekend is the last weekend I have to prepare for Geek Flea IV. There is much to do before I leave for the Montreal International Game Summit, like get my PS Vita back from Chuck and buy Assassin’s Creed: Liberation. And maybe get over this head cold.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I am going finally leave my house and get some fresh air on Saturday at the Exxxotica Expo. Later that night I will go to the war-torn Jersey City and see Citizen Blast Kane and Torture Architect. Sunday I am going to a baby christening with Tara. Little bit of yin and yang in my weekend.

    John McGuire: This weekend I will be laying low in Castlevania and going to see a lot of movies.

    Ian Gonzales: This weekend, I’m going to the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival and then I’m off to see my friends in Torture Architect and Citizen Blast Kane in Jersey City.

    Dave Trainer: This weekend sees my band playing a real show in Jersey City at The Lamppost. The sounds of our angry late 20s/early 30s thrash metal will reverse the effects of Hurricane Sandy and restore power to those still without. Sadly, it will have no affect on the gas shortage, our bad. Also I will have Chuck tell me about all the boobs he saw at Exxxotica. I also want to get pizza at some point.

    Don Becker: A birthday party with “world famous margaritas”, the return of the Jets trying to play football, and the last bit of prep for Geek Flea IV. Gonna be a busy weekend. Hopefully I can get Borderlands 2 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and play some games with friends, but I think I’m more likely to go through Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the umpteenth time with my brother.

    Garrett Martin: The hungry and the hunted explode into rock ’n’ roll bands that face off against each other out in the street down in NintendoLand.

    Matt Marrone: Out-of-town friends are staying with me in Astoria, so there’ll be loads of French toast, dim sum and assorted revelry all weekend long.

    Ken Lucas: I’m trying to get as much done as possible this weekend as I prepare for Geek Flea IV. I am also hoping to make it through Thunderdome to see Citizen Blast Kane and Torture Architect.

    Erik Weinbrecht: This weekend, if you are not going to see Torture Architect you should come see Young Squire at the Loop Lounge Saturday night. It’s going to be awesome and bad-weather free either way on the East Coast. Be well.

    Mark Mariano: Friday, I’ll be having some amazing BBQ chow. Saturday, I’ll be drawing art cards and selling comics with profits going to charity at the Superheroes For Hospice in West Orange! Check out their site for more info on this cool event!

    Brian Taylor: I am going to wrap up Nebraska November and on Sunday I am going to go out to lunch with my family for my dad’s 58th birthday (which was on October  3rd).

    Richard Clark: This weekend I will spend all of my time agonizing over when and if I will buy Halo 4.

    Sam Machkovech: Cloud Atlas sounds good. Also, I’m hosting a pub quiz at Seattle’s Old Pequliar on Tuesday and need to finish writing the questions. Easy out would be a round about mohawks in video games, but the crowd would boo that one.

    Brendan Keogh: I apparently own a PS Vita now so I will be catching up on Gravity Rush, while also geeking out and reading up on a whole heap of Halo lore because I’m apparently rusty on that stuff and Halo 4 is making zero sense to me so far.

    Chris MartinezChris Martinez: I am spending Friday trying to figure out this application with Amber Harris for WonderCon’s Artist Alley. Never had to apply for a seller’s permit before. Other than that, going to relax and finish Torchlight II for the long weekend.

    Mike RousseauMike Rousseau: I’ve got a weekend filled with Skyfall, paintball, and my day job. Wish I could make that last one rhyme somehow.

    JPJP Grant: I’m curating a dramatic reading of Garrett Martin’s poetry, entitled “The Pipe Less Traveled: Memories of Mushrooms Past.” Pinsky sent his regrets.

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