Ready for the Weekend 11/2/12

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  • It is the weekend after a natural disaster. Does anyone want to exchange these American dollars I have for bottle caps? I think the East Coast is going over to the Fallout standard.

    Stu Horvath: Tomorrow, Unwinnable’s in-house composer George Collazo is getting married to Unwinnable’s copy editor and transcriber Jen Sisco. It is going to be amazing and a testament to North Jersey’s collective stubbornness. Every spare sober moment will be dedicated to Assassin’s Creed III.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend is George and Jen’s wedding. It should be an awesome time. I then hope to spend some quality time home with Tara and our cats Oz and Willow. If all things work out, maybe play some Assassins Creed III.

    John McGuire: Jen and George are getting married. I will be in attendance and will be handsome. Let’s party.

    Ian Gonzales: Jen and George are getting married on Saturday. It’s going to be a good time! Sunday, I just may get cable and Internet back.

    Dave Trainer: It’s a Mad Max kind of weekend. Plus hangin’ with friends at Jen and George’s wedding – good times ahead!

    Don Becker: Congrats to George and Jen, two awesome people! My 5K on Saturday got cancelled, so this week I will run for fun, not glory. And Sunday I will keep tabs on my friend Andres, who is running the NYC Marathon for fun and glory. Prog on, Andres!

    Matt Marrone: My weekend this week was Wednesday through Friday. Next week, it’s Tuesday and Wednesday. So I’ll be voting and watching election returns on my weekend, and working on yours.

    Ethan Sacks: Home and back with power, which means of course that I will be heading back into the city for this weekend to bail out overtired coworkers in our makeshift office. Watched Halloween 2 last night to remind myself it was Halloween since Jersey City officially rescheduled it.

    Ken Lucas: Double congrats to Jen and George on their big day! I will be recovering from the East Coast apocalypse and continuing my journey towards Geek Flea IV.

    Dan Imperiale: With Castellan’s record mixed, I’ll sell a few blenders this weekend so I can pay for mastering! Horray!

    Mark Mariano: I wish George and Jen a happy marriage! I wish the power back on for myself and all.

    Steve Haske: I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend other than getting drunk and forgetting everything else on Saturday night.

    Chris Dahlen: The hurricane-delayed trick-or-treating is this Saturday, so I’m in for that. I’ve got a few writing projects that I just need to lock myself up and work on. For games, I’ll be playing Prof. Layton and XCOM, and trying to gin myself up for a run at the Dark Souls DLC.

    Richard Clark: I dunno. I have to write like four articles. So I guess I’ll do that.

    Jordan Mammo: I’ll be hanging out with some old friends, finally catching up on some long-delayed writing, and putting the finishing touches on Super Mario 3D Land.

    Brendan Keogh: I will be recovering from the traumatic experience that is a PhD confirmation milestone with ample amounts of gin and Borderlands 2.

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