Ready for the Weekend 9/28/2012

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  • Today is World Rabies Day. Thank goodness for that. Have a great weekend and, if you see Dan Apczynski, give him a high five. 

    Stu Horvath: The future is wide open. I will fill it with videogames, horror movies and cocktails.

    Chuck Moran: Friday I will be at a bachelor party where I will undoubtedly buy a pair a shoes for a girl I hardly know. Saturday is the Asbury Park Comic Convention which will be fun to go to hung over. Sunday, Tara and I will be seeing Jack White at Radio City Music Hall.

    John McGuire: Friday night I’ll be at a bachelor party talking about the finer points of Hellboy while getting a lap dance. Saturday I’ll be drinking off the hangover and dancing the night away at a bachelorette party. Sunday is going to hurt.

    Ian Gonzales: Bachelor party. Root canal. (Hopefully) Asbury Park Comic Con. Looper.

    Don Becker: Going to see David Byrne and St. Vincent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hope my facial hair is ironic enough…

    Garrett Martin: On Sunday I am going to Chipper Jones’ last regular season home game. He was a rookie when I was a senior in high school. I have wasted my life.

    Matt Marrone: Maker Faire with my nephew and niece, then traipsing around Brooklyn with my lady friend. Bring it on!

    Ken Lucas: I need to do something spontaneous since being locked up in my studio for some time. Hmmm, a comic con sounds like fun!

    Dan Imperiale: The recording is done and it’s back to the blender game. I guess the Times crossword and General Hospital will have to wait.

    Mark Mariano: Fringe is back tonight. Ninja Turtles debuts on Nick tomorrow morning. I’ll also be doing art for kids at the Ronald McDonald House block party in NYC all day Saturday.

    Brian Taylor: Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Tokyo Jungle. Cheers. Writing a paper.

    Steve Haske: I think it’s a Looper weekend. Other than that, I’m not sure. Let’s all celebrate Rabies Day together in spirit.

    Chris Dahlen: The Maritime Folk Festival happening in Portsmouth this weekend, so maybe I’ll go request some really filthy sea shanties. Other than that, I’ve got Tokyo Jungle, Hero Academy and some writing projects that I need to get back into.

    Richard Clark: Borderlands 2 tonight, six-month anniversary date tomorrow. Living the dream.

    Dan Apczynski: My wife and I are having a baby this weekend! See you all on the other side…

    MichaelMichael Rousseau: Working at the videogame bar and spending quality time with Borderlands 2.

    JPJP Grant: It’s my birthday! And all I want is a Sparkle Pony. Pretty please?

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