Ready for the Weekend 9/7/2012

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  • Today is the birthday of Buddy Holly. He was a cool guy and not afraid of anything. What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: I am really excited about cleaning the house. It isn’t something I have time to do all that often, but I have time to do it this weekend and boy, am I gonna dust and Windex and vacuum the hell out of this place. When I am not cleaning, I will be drinking or playing Mark of the Ninja levels over and over again.

    Chuck Moran: Tonight I am going to see Hugh Laurie from House M.D. play honky-tonk piano. Then tomorrow I will go to a birthday party. Later on that evening I will begin preparing for the Unlistenable podcast, which will be recorded on Monday evening. Sam and Steve will be the guests. Good times. I will also play Mark of the Ninja, ’cause all the cool kids are.

    John McGuire: This weekend I am going to a pool party and planning the biggest and best party of all – Geek Flea IV!

    Don Becker: Happy hour with co-workers, and hopefully a lot of Rock Band Blitz. I’m still winning my Score Wars with Kenneth Lucas and Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton…

    Matt Marrone: Headed to Silver Lake for a summer-camp style wedding weekend. Hopefully there’s more booze than bears.

    Ian Gonzales: This Friday I’m heading up to Nyack to see my friends in Those Mockingbirds and New London Fire play a show. Then Saturday I’m off to Brooklyn to see Jello Biafra. Good thing I have 2 pairs of earplugs (compliments of Virgin Atlantic), right? P.S. I’m getting old.

    Ken Lucas: I have a jam session on Saturday and look forward to some more Rock Band Blitz. I will also be playing Saints Row: The Third, finishing up the game for a second time.

    Mark Mariano: I’m Baltimore bound to be a part of the Kids Love Comics Pavilion at the Baltimore Comic Con. Stop by booth 2403, say you love Flabbergast on Unwinnable, and I’ll do a FREE quick sketch for you!

    Brian Taylor: I’m gonna try and make it back to the U.S.

    Richard Clark: Pretty boring weekend: chores, writing, sleeping in. Maybe some board games. But that sounds really nice right about now.

    Dan Apczynski: I’ve held off from submitting my weekend activities lately because it’s been ALL BABY PREP ALL THE TIME for the last few months. Just for the sake of checking in, this weekend will be some combination of building furniture, reading about infant care, fetching TUMS, and at least three trips to Bed Bath & Beyond. And then maybe some Mark of the Ninja.

    Sam Machkovech: My new review intern and I will tear through all matter of NDA-bound gaming goodness, and I’ll surely slice some fools in Mark of the Ninja in my spare moments. Also, Jenn Frank will taunt me at least 400 times this weekend by way of her narrator role in new iOS smash hit Super Hexagon. Hi Jenn!!

    Brendan Keogh: I will be flying home to Australia from Montreal on Saturday which means, through the magic of time zones, my Sunday simply does not exist.

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