Ready for the Weekend 8/31/2012

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  • Today in 1803, Lewis and Clarke left Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for their exploration of the West. They left at 11 a.m. Brian Taylor’s great, great, great-grandfather was there to take pictures of the event. What’s on for your weekend?

    Stu Horvath: I am a ninja with an interest in meth who will be fighting mummies in Egypt between cocktails. Sure bet momma never thought things would turn out like this.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I will begin my yearly process of finishing all the games from last year I didn’t finish. This way I can feel confident to play the fall released sequels without spoiling anything. So the campaign of Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach are on the plate. There will also be bike riding and some lunch at some point.

    John McGuire: Enjoying the sunshine on my breaks at The Fair in Syracuse, New York.

    Ian Gonzales: I’ll be flying home Saturday just in time for the season premiere of Doctor Who. The only problem with that is I’m still not caught up on season 6. D’oh!

    Don Becker: Labor day BBQ. Bacon Explosion. And maybe some Rock Band Blitz – gotta see if I can stay #1 in the world at Sun Domingo’s “Something Face”. Gotta do something, since my original plans to watch UFC 151 got scrapped (thanks for that, Jon “No Stones” Jones).

    Garrett Martin: I am going to the Atlanta Braves game on Saturday. They are playing the Phillies. Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing a free concert at the stadium after the game. For at least one afternoon I will be a Real American.

    Matt Marrone: With all my August travels complete, I will now be doing penance for all the fun I had by working through Labor Day weekend.

    Ken Lucas: Rock Band BlitzWalking Dead episode 3 and some much-needed rest. Maybe I’ll fire up the grill on Monday and smoke out the neighborhood.

    Gus Mastrapa: This weekend is crammed with cool stuff to do. PAX and DragonCon elsewhere. The cool FYFest is going down in downtown L.A. I will be doing the uncool thing and playing board games at StrategiCon all weekend.

    Brian Bannen: Labor Day weekend! Not really sure what that means, but I’d love to finish my David Gutterson book, do some writing and record a podcast with my cousins. And reading a lot of comics.

    Erik Weinbrecht: Saturday my band (Young Squire) will be playing at the Clash Bar in Clifton, and Sunday is Pompton Day! A day of copious food and beverage, ended with fireworks…if only I could kick this cold.

    Mark Mariano: I’ll be in the Poconos. That means drawing, reading Lee & Kirby’s Fantastic Four, cooking over the fire, and watching Tail Spin.

    Steve Haske: I am at PAX. PAX PAX PAX. God I’m so tired.

    Chris Dahlen: I’ll be wishing I’d gone to PAX to hang around the Indie Megabooth. I might run down to Boston for some Redbones and the Studio Ghibli retrospective.

    Jenn Frank: I’ll be in Colorado for my (younger) cousin’s wedding (darn her).

    Richard Clark: Rain is kinda messing up my Labor Day weekend, but dangit I’m gunna make the most of it! Going to see at least one moving picture, and do some clothes shopping for the fall. And SERIOUSLY going to forget about work for three days straight. I know I can do this.

    Chris Martinez: Probably going to play Skyrim with Dawnguard. I spent the last two days grabbing a ton of recommended, lore-friendly mods, all of which look awesome (there’s a huge train mod, you guys! I love trains!). I wish I could do the barbecue thing like Don Becker, but I’m probably going to settle for a Memphis BBQ burger from Carl’s Jr.

    Sam Machkovech: PAX

    Brendan Keogh: I’m going to finish off Halo: Anniversary Edition (it’s still got it!) before trying to hunt down some Canadian dollars and power adaptors for an impromptu press trip to Montreal on Monday. Exciting!

    JPJP Grant: I’ll be talking to an empty chair all weekend.

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