Ready for the Weekend 8/24/2012

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  • Amelia Earhart, a lady who took no shit from anyone, was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic today in 1932. When she landed she did 50 push ups and ate a hot dog. Bad ass! We here at Unwinnable hope you are doing something just as awesome this weekend.

    Stu Horvath: I am a ninja. I will be doing ninja things all weekend.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend is going to rule, tonight Citizen Blast Kane is playing special for me right down the street from my house. Then tomorrow I am going to PayPal Chris Dahlen a mere 45 dollars to jump out of a cake and say, “I bet you were expecting Agent Mulder, or a boy doctor!”

    John McGuire: ParaNorman, comic books and Tara’s Birthday. Hopefully by sunday I’ll be back on a normal schedule. Party.

    Ian Gonzales: This weekend, I’m taking my first flight to merry old’ England! I’ll be visiting my cousins, checking out some London tourist traps and (if I’m lucky) visiting Stonehenge. As for geekery, I loaded my Kindle with The 39 Steps, Neverwhere and oodles of free pulp stories. Yes folks, it’s going to be a fun week!

    Don Becker: Pulling my bike out of storage, and possibly complaining afterward that my quads hurt. Yay, summer!

    Garrett Martin: Busy weekend. Friday night is Todd Barry and Neil Hamburger, Saturday is a trip to the Cyclorama with a couple of Boston friends, and Sunday I might actually write a thing I was supposed to write many weeks ago. Or maybe not.

    Matt Marrone: I’m heading to Cleveland for the annual father-son baseball trip. Go Yanks!

    Ken Lucas: I might hit a festival this weekend in South Jersey and finish up some projects left over from March.

    Erik Weinbrecht: My band Young Squire is playing in Kenilworth this Sunday at 10th Street live. We go on at 6:30, and I’d love to see all of your shiny faces.

    Steve Haske: After a long two-week hiatus, it would appear I am once again ready for the weekend. I guess I’m playing an insidious iOS game, Sleeping Dogs and Animal Crossing, planning to listen to a lot of stuff on Spotify and uh, lyke, do some totally creative stuff in advance of Pax?

    Chris Dahlen: If he can pay me, I’ll be at Chuck’s wife’s birthday party, jumping out of the cake. Failing that, I might drag the kid to ParaNorman, I might do another failed project for Ludum Dare, and maybe I’ll finally play Papo & Yo.

    Richard Clark: I am going to try desperately to forget about work.  that’s my main goal.

    Sam Machkovech: Radiolab live show in Seattle on Saturday, featuring Dave Foley, no less! I’ll also gear up for next week’s PAX Prime while playing the hell out of Rock Band Blitz. Maybe I’ll transform into a robo-dinosaur in Transformers:FoC, too.

    Brendan Keogh: I am currently playing Super Mario Brothers for the first time (no, really). This weekend, World 8 is going down.

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