Ready for the Weekend 8/10/2012

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  • Today in 1977 David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam,” was arrested. Later on that day the Ramones played The Whiskey a Go Go, in Los Angeles. What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu Horvath: Well, I WAS going to play Sound Shapes all weekend, but…well…I
    already finished Sound Shapes. So I guess it’s back to the Secret World mines.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend, I will listen to David Bowie, eat a late dinner tonight, and
    throw lit cigarettes at children.

    John McGuire: This weekend I’ll be traveling from Ireland to England and posting a ridiculous amount of photos to Instagram. If I can make it to Cardiff in time I’ll be at the Dr. Who museum. Cheers.

    Ian Gonzales: This weekend I’m going to see friends in Citizen Blast Kane and The O>Matics play on Friday. I am getting a root canal on Saturday morning and I’ve got a birthday party on Saturday night. Sunday? Sunday I catch up on some comics.

    Dave Trainer: This weekend I will be going to the beach, and working. So looking forward to eating some tater tots at Asbury Lanes.

    Don Becker: The Olympics come to an end on Sunday. I hope the closing ceremonies find a way to top Queen Elizabeth II jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond. I will also try to make it to Clash Bar for the O>Matics, but even if I don’t, you should because it’ll be a rockin’ good time.

    Garrett Martin: Two nights of the Archers of Loaf in Atlanta. First time seeing them since 1998. And then squeezing in some games playing and review writing when

    Matt Marrone: This weekend I will do my best to treat my PTPFTSD (Post Twin Peaks Fest Traumatic Stress Disorder). There is no known cure, but I am confident I can beat it by reading back issues of Wrapped In Plastic and tagging myself in everyone’s costume contest photos on Facebook.

    Brian Bannen: In NY visiting family for a few days so I plan on soaking up as much of the atmosphere as I can. Which means bars and pizza.

    Erik Weinbrecht: This weekend I have a massive presentation to deliver. Aside from that, I hope to whittle down my digital tower of comics.

    Mark Mariano: My band, The O>Matics rock the Clash Bar in Clifton NJ on Friday night. Sunday, Chris O>Matic is getting married. I lost Best Man duties to Skippy.

    Brian Taylor: I’m competing in a crossword puzzle tournament (for charity!) and maybe attending the World Pinball Championships.

    Richard Clark: I’m going to HOLIDAY WORLD!!!!!! (that’s an amusement/water park)

    Sam Machkovech: This coming Tuesday, I will host a trivia night in Seattle’s Ballard
    neighborhood. Instead of writing trivia questions in a timely fashion, I will almost certainly procrastinate by splitting my gaming time between Hybrid (good!), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (bad!) and Dust: An Elysian Tail (not ugly!). I also recently stole both volumes of Kill Bill from a friend
    on Blu-ray, and I’ll probably only watch the first one.

    Michael Rousseau: I start work in the kitchen of a new video game-themed restaurant/bar, alongside my current kitchen job. Also going to a Joss Whedon-themed burlesque show/dance party!

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