Ready for the Weekend 8/3/2012

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  • This weekend in 1946 the worlds first amusement park opened in Santa Claus, Indiana. It was called Santa Claus Land.  Sweltering summer weather be damned, let’s get our Santa costumes on and celebrate the weekend!

    StuStu Horvath: I am still playing The Secret World. Remember all those years I said I
    hated MMOs? I was apparently lying to myself. If I can tear myself away, I will finally go see The Dark Knight Rises. There will also be drinking, naturally.

    Chuck Moran: This weekend I hope to see friends, drink beer and play videogames. Maybe I will play Torchlight, or Skyrim DLC, or Left 4 Dead with Shawn Dillon.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: This weekend I will be going on some kind of adventure. There will probably be booze and dancing.

    IanIan Gonzales: I’d like to see Total Recall this weekend. Sure, it’s directed by the
    same guy who gave us Live Free or Die Hard, but Joel Schumacher directed 8mm, after he made Batman & Robin. That’s a good sign, right? Ian Fun Fact: I’ve never seen the original Total Recall in one sitting (though I’m fairly sure I’ve seen most of it).

    DaveDave Trainer: I am working all weekend, so I really have no plans. What a bummer.

    Don Becker: For the first time in a while, I have nothing planned. Here’s hoping my
    invitation to the Chameleon Beta comes today so I can spend the weekend tweaking and retweaking it.

    Garrett Martin: I’m going to do something with a Wii U at a big dumb shopping mall that was an abandoed mill the last time I lived in Atlanta. Also, Darksiders II isn’t going to play itself, I reckon.

    Matt Marrone: #tpfest12

    Ken Lucas: Since hearing about the shark attack in Massachusetts, I am heading out on a charter to search for the great white killer. My friend hired a grizzled captain named Quint. Supposedly the sightings are near an offshore electrical plant. I have a bad feeling about this.

    DanDan Imperiale: Just moved into a house in Philly. Unpacking and preparing for greatness.

    Mike EMichael Edwards: Might try to catch some outdoor music, definitely going to stay cool, and hopefully will play some Final Fight!

    Erik Weinbrecht: This weekend I hope to start reading Y The Last Man, as I’ve been told its

    Mark MarianoMark Mariano: My wife and I will be partying with friends and family as we throw a BBQ to celebrate three years of marriage.

    Brian TaylorBrian Taylor: I think I’m going to see Billy Ocean.

    Steve HaskeSteve Haske: My dad just had eye surgery so I’m going to hang out with him. He’s got cyborg eyes now. I’m also finally seeing The Dark Knight Rises, so I’m pretty pumped about that. Maybe some writing and Deadlight for the rest?

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: Getting ready to show Indie Game: The Movie at the Music Hall here in Portsmouth next week. Specifically, I’m getting all the games ready and making sure we have enough Xbox controllers. After that, I’ll try to finish Dragon’s Dogma.

    Rich ClarkRichard Clark: I am going to be playing with my new iPad, hopefully catching up on a lot of reading. This includes taking full advantage of Comixology. I’ve read the first issue of Daytripper and loved it, excited to keep reading that one. I’m open to other suggestions for a graphic novel newcomer.

    JordanJordan Mammo: This weekend will involve a lot of writing, but I’ll be taking a break from the offensively hot weather to go ice skating with the lady. Saturday night will likely involve friends and a karaoke room.

    Sam Machkovech: Going to gather some friends to watch Singles. I’ll probably have Foxygen’s debut LP on repeat, as well, and maybe I’ll test my exclamation point
    limits in some Orcs Must Die 2!

    Brendan Keogh: I’ll be tweeting Brian Taylor all weekend requesting him to serenade me with his Okkervil River song renditions.

    JPJP Grant: We’re driving down to Mystic, Connecticut, to hang out with the Juno, the mariachi-loving beluga.

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