Ready for the Weekend 7/27/2012

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  • Today is the birthday of Gary Gygax. Known for being the father of Dungeons & Dragons. There really should be a metal band with the name Gygax.

    Since Tuesday is almost the weekend, be sure on this coming Tuesday, July 31, to go to Barcade in Brooklyn to hang out with your other favorite videogame people: the New York Video Game Critics Circle! It starts at 7 p.m. There will be drink specials and and quality photo-ops of Chuck yelling at a Rolling Thunder machine.

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: First off, there is going to be much drinking to blot out the memory of my first (and probably last) playthrough of Slender. Then it is back The Secret World, where I am working to stop the machinations of the Black Pharaoh. Good times.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: This weekend I will have lucid dreams about hanging out with Steve Haske. I will also be going to a birthday party for Ian. I might throw my computer out the window as well.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: This weekend I’ll be catching up on my TV shows, comics and hopefully getting in a few rounds of mini-golf.

    IanIan Gonzales: I recently purchased Samurai Trilogy and Le Cercle Rouge on Blu Ray. Saturday, my friend Matt and I are celebrating our birthdays. I think I know how I’ll be recuperating.

    DaveDave Trainer: This weekend I am getting tattooed by good ol’ Shawn Dillon at the Asbury Park tattoo convention. Then I will eat some tacos. Hopefully Charles Moran and I have time to visit Liberty City as well. I am happy the New York Rangers picked up Steve Nash. Have a good weekend!

    Don Becker: Probably celebrating three birthdays in the span of 24 hours. Luckily for me, alcohol is an instant +2 to my charisma.

    GarrettGarrett Martin: I’ll be watching over my wife as she recuperates from outpatient surgery and probably playing some Deadlight and Sleeping Dogs. I’ll actually probably just cycle between a half-dozen baseball websites waiting for the Braves to make a trade before the deadline.

    Matt Marrone: Work, a boat trip, a Yankees game — and then gearing up for a blockbuster vacation, details of which will be revealed Monday morning right here on

    Ken Lucas: I hope to immerse myself in tape delays, bass wobbles, crunchy distortion and circuit bent madness as I lay down the foundations of an upcoming album.

    GusGus Mastrapa: Quality time with dogs, cats and wife. Late nights in front of my box catching up to fearless leader in The Secret World.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: My last weekend as a resident of N.J. will likely consist either of video games, X-Files marathons and packing, or of pumping it up at HunkaBunka’s until contracting AIDS from the vector-thick humidity. Bets?

    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: I hope to have a relaxing weekend sitting at home and staring at the clouds. And speaking of clouds, I hope to finish Scott McCloud’s Making Comics and then tap into the plethora of books I have at my bedside table.

    Michael RousseauMichael Rousseau: You probably don’t know me, but I should be writing here soon. I’m out of town visiting my parents this week, so I’m just looking to get some writing done and get home safely.

    Ryan KuoRyan Kuo: There’s going to be a metric ton of bass in NYC this weekend. My hope is to see Jam City, Ikonika and Oneman on Friday and the incredibly demonic Coki on Saturday. The wait for the subway will be spent as always on Neuroshima Hex.

    Jordan MammoJordan Mammo: I’ve got one month left in South Korea, so I’ll be spending the weekend relaxing at Busan’s beaches and taking in my first professional gaming event when the Global StarCraft II tournament ends on Saturday. My coworker is also getting married, which means the soju will be flowing. I hate soju.

    Mark Mariano: Maybe I’ll go to the Olympics, but most likely not.

    SteveSteve Haske: Spec Ops: The Line, a bunch of reading and scribbling ideas down on paper seems to be in my future. I’d also like to get out sometime this weekend. Isn’t there a metal band named Gygax?

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: Taking my wife for a weekend away in Portland. The Maine Portland, not the poseur one in Oregon.

    RichardRichard Clark: I have a Groupon for Putt Putt Golf.

    BrendanBrendan Keogh: Writing and reading, reading and writing. Living the life.

    SamSam Machkovech: My mother’s in town this weekend. The last videogame we played together was Wii Bowling. I picked up a Wii on launch night, then made Miis of my every family member who was coming to our Thanksgiving feast later that week; Mom was charmed that I had nailed the gap in her front teeth and gave the bowling a shot. She thought it was fantastic and never played it again. I do not believe she and I will play videogames this weekend, but she’ll almost surely ask me 5,000 questions on how to make her iPad work.

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