Ready for the Weekend 6/29/2012

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  • I never could get the hang of Thursday. Thankfully it is Friday and these are the results of the next 48 hours of fun.

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: With Vacation Week now wrapping up, I am in need of one myself. I will be taking it at a certain Spanish restaurant. Look for the idiot sitting there in a white blazer with an entire pitcher of sangria to himself.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: I am probably going to drink beer and listen to punk rock records with BTD tonight. Then tomorrow I am going to NYC to do stupid shit and get in trouble. If I can find a bistro table and chair set along the way, that would be awesome. I will probably squeeze in some Gay Tony as well.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: This weekend I will be adventuring in Castlevania with Dan Imperiale. If you are reading this laugh and revel in the ridiculousness that is the real world and go do something stupid with your friends. What are you waiting for?

    DaveDave Trainer: I will be hanging out with my parents in Boston for the weekend. Good times to be had.

    Don Becker: Running a 5-mile race whose finish line is home plate at MCU Park. If I survive that, I get to see the mighty Van Der Graaf Generator perform live for the second time in eight days. Prog! If I survive that, I get to tear down more of my rotting old stockade fence to make way for PVC. Progress!

    Garrett Martin: I’m going to return this NES and SNES I bought last week, neither of which work properly. And then probably some Spelunky.

    Matt Marrone: My birthday week wraps up with a Broadway show and a trip upstate to see the fam. Then no more food for a month.

    Ken Lucas: I’m going to get lost on the West Coast for a week. Don’t come looking for me, I’ll find you.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: Opening a bed and breakfast this weekend, then sailing to Aruba to christen my great-granddaughter. Somewhere in there I’d like to get a few more tattoos.

    Dennis ScimecaDennis Scimeca: I should do work, because with a day job writing mostly needs to happen on the weekend, but I’m exhausted. We’ve been nursing a sick cat, which has been keeping me up to between 1:30 – 3:30 a.m. every night. He’s getting better, though! So I might just play video games all weekend. Diablo III, The Walking Dead Episode 2, maybe a lot of Firefall. Kind of also want to see Brave. Has anyone been?

    Erik WeinbrechtErik Weinbrecht: This weekend I will attempt to get drunk at a movie theater while watching Seth McFarlane parade around as a CGI bear. I will also be mixing my band’s new demo in preparation for our show next weekend.

    Mark Mariano: I’m off to the Poconos for drawing, comics, and drawing.

    Brian TaylorBrian Taylor: Gonna watch Resurrect Dead on Netflix Instant and The Deer Hunter on DVD and read a lot. And play Resonance and maybe some Max Payne 3.

    Steve HaskeSteve Haske: Aside from the usual workload I hope to get some reading and/or creative time in. Maybe catch a movie.

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: The air show is in town, and jets will be flying overhead the whole weekend, scaring the animals and making people drive like fools. We’re going to lay low and play Pokemon Conquest, or maybe find some nice woods to hide in. To Dennis’ question: I thought Brave was good but not great. But that reminds me, if anyone’s looking for a good fix for female heroines and folk and fairy tales, I highly recommend a book called The Serpent Slayer, by Katrin Tchana and Trina Schart Hyman – you can get it used from Amazon, or maybe find it at your library. It includes a story from Scotland that reminded me a bit of Brave.

    Richard ClarkRichard Clark: Charlottesville, Virginia! Washington, D.C! First time ever! Hanging out with some old friends, staring down Lincoln, eating at a place called “Hellburger.” Staying in a kinda swanky hotel. Being bummed out at Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. Whoo!

    Sam MachkovechSam Machkovech: I’m doing something secret this weekend. I am very excited about it. Other than that, all Spelunky, all of the time.

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