Ready for the Weekend 5/18/2012

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  • It is Friday! Have an awesome weekend!

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: Tonight, I will be at Indie Game: The Movie, carefully scanning the background of the PAX East scenes to see if I see myself. Then it’s mostly Diablo 3. And maybe that Horde mode I never got to last week…

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: Maybe now, I will finally get around to reading To Your Scattered Bodies Go.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: Beer, tacos & roller coasters, exactly in that order.

    IanIan Gonzales: Tonight, Stu, Chuck and I are going to see Indie Game: The Movie followed by revelry and celebration in honor of our friend Robin’s birthday!
    Also, I’m apparently going to Bamboozle on Saturday. I’ll be one of the 5 people who are clearly too old to be there.

    Don Becker: I will crash Erik’s party.

    Matt Marrone: Having a relatively quiet weekend after Bachelor Party Weekend in New Orleans last week and the wedding next week, at which I will be giving a speech. Which means I’ll also be getting plastered during cocktail hour — and perhaps sooner.

    Ken Lucas: It’s my mom’s birthday, so we’re going to celebrate. Then I will probably put some time in on both I Am Alive and Trials Evolution for XBLA. I will say Trials Evolution is a fantastic sequel to the original and has pulled me away from Minecraft. Hopefully I’ll be able to also play The Walking Dead on XBLA.

    Gus Mastrapa: My wife is following Rammstein around the Southwest with her mom, aunt and sister. Really.
    So I’m holding the fort, eating the last of the Trader Joe’s stuff and trying to finish Diablo III.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: Back to the blender grind. Also screenplay fun. Adapting anime is weird. Big festival in Asbury Park I’ll be too busy/tired to attend!

    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: Wine tasting tonight, then building myself another Adirondack chair tomorrow. Turns out power tools, while useful for killing zombies, serve other purposes as well.

    Tim MucciTim Mucci: I’ll be visiting a friend in Providence, Rhode Island. Hopefully I’ll be able to steer clear of Deep Ones.
    Packed an Elder Sign just in case.

    Michael EdwardsMichael Edwards: Saw The Beach Boys last night with the folks, Good Vibrations, lots o’ seniors! More moving this weekend, going to try to play Satan’s Hollow and Strider over at Barcade at some point.

    Sal LucciSal Lucci: On May 18th, 1995, I was counting down the days until high school graduation.  This weekend, I am sad because Messrs. Simonetti and Celantano are not here.  Going to see my favorite IN band (Vacation Club) tonight and tomorrow my girlfriend is making me go out to dinner w/an old friend of hers from high school.

    Erik WeinbrechtErik Weinbrecht: Throwing a super-secret party. As this is the Internet and all have access, I leave you with these two words: pig roast.

    Mark Mariano: I’ll be painting the basement & cleaning up our place in the Poconos. Hopefully there will be time for relaxation and art.

    BrianTaylorBrian Taylor: Rock music.

    Alicia MillerAlicia Miller: I will be working like a dog at the spa Saturday and Sunday helping to beautify and epilate the ladies of the greater Hoboken area. Oh yeah, and celebrating my belated birthday with one of my oldest friends, Rachel, at a KGB-themed gay bar in NYC!

    SteveSteve Haske: I’ll be playing Max Payne! I think. And listening to Latin jazz, which I guess is appropriate.

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: We’re driving to Portland (Maine – the real Portland) Sunday for the Maine Comic Arts Festival, to see fave cartoonists like John Klossner and the guys behind The Underburbs, plus headliners Kate Beaton and Kazu Kibuishi. The rest of the weekend, we’ll be outside, looking at bugs or whatever.

    JennJenn Frank: Diablo III. Day and night, Diablo III.

    RichardRichard Clark: I’m going to delve into Diablo 3 Starter Edition, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

    SamSam Machkovech: I returned from a trip this week to find my video card had died, so fate has forced me toward Max Payne 3 instead of Diablo III. Also gonna catch a Rat City Roller Derby bout here in semi-sunny Seattle. Maybe eat a hot dog.

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