Ready for the Weekend 5/4/2012

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  • It is the Star Wars day – I don’t think there is a Highlander day. It is also Friday!

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I never liked the Beastie Boys. I will be reading pulp books, thinking about (but not) playing Witcher 2 and cleaning. Because cleanliness is godliness.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: This weekend continues the Montclair Film Fest. I so far have seen two this week. Last night I got to see the movie Undefeated, the 2012 Oscar winner for Best Documentary. It was pretty awesome.  If anyone wants to hang out with me tonight, I will be home, alone and bored. I like to eat food – there is an Indian restaurant around the corner, open till 1 a.m. I have beer and wine.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: This weekend I will be playing Lego Star Wars on my 3DS, celebrating Cinco de Mayo and riding rollercoasters in Adventureland!!! May the 4th be with you.

    IanIan Gonzales: I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, which is also Free Comic Book Day. It will be a most excellent Saturday! There’s also this movie I’ve been meaning to see. I think it comes out today? There is a Downey Jr. in it. Morton, perhaps? There’s also a dude with a hammer and another dude with a shield. It sounds vaguely communist, right?

    BTDBTD: Huh? What? Me? Well, tomorrow Citizen Blast Kane is playing in beautiful Paterson, New Jersey, so I will go see that there. Also, I need to go to Sears Portrait Studio and get a pic to replace my awful RFTW mugshot.

    EbEbenezer Samuel: I will watch The Avengers…again.

    Don UDon Becker: It’s a sports weekend! Watching Liverpool in the FA Cup final on TV before going to Citi Field for my first Mets game of the season on Saturday, and resuming my 10K training on Sunday before seeing The Avengers. In between, NBA Jam. You bring the shakalaka, and I’ll bring the boom!

    MarroneMatt Marrone: I’ll be entertaining some out-of-towners and doing some last-minute shopping for next weekend — aka Bachelor Party Weekend in NOLA.

    Ethan SacksEthan Sacks: My Avengers week responsibilities are done, will celebrate my one day off with a Rangers-Caps matinee at the bar before moving on to The Dictator. Will also hit the gym in my attempt to be 6’3” by Halloween so I can dress up as Thor.

    GeorgeGeorge Collazo: I will try and plot ways to steal Stu’s copy of Witcher 2 this weekend, solely based on the hateful words of a Spaniard with a sweet tooth.

    Ken LucasKen Lucas: After a week of building an underground tunnel and rail system in Minecraft, this weekend I intend to chill. If the weather holds out Saturday, I will go for a 10-mile bike ride. Otherwise, I have some toy business I need to catch up on.

    GusGus Mastrapa: I will be listening to The Beastie Boys.

    Mark MarianoMark Mariano: Teaching fifth graders about comics today and this weekend I have two conventions. Kids Comic Con in the Bronx on Saturday and the WildPig Convention on Sunday!

    Gia GrilloGia Grillo: I think it’s a good weekend for an insane movie binge. All pre-LOTR Peter Jackson with a side of Evil Dead and maybe a sprinkling of some Clive Barker? Yes please!

    Brian TaylorBrian Taylor: Heading out this evening to watch the Pirates play (and probably lose horribly to) the Reds. Spending the rest of the weekend sleeping and avoiding the Pittsburgh Marathon route, which will shut down a large chunk of the city on Sunday.

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: Free Comic Book Day at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire. Maybe see Pirates, maybe play Botanicula. Sleep.

    JennJenn Frank: What I’m actually doing this weekend is playing a lot of Crackdown co-op.

    RichardRichard Clark: It’s Derby weekend here in Louisville! So naturally I will be home writing all weekend. Hoping to break up the work with some good food and The Avengers.

    NickNick Robinson: Let’s see… besides celebrating the release of my first-ever Unwinnable article, I’m also graduating from college tomorrow morning, so there’s that! Finally, I’ll have some words on a piece of paper certifying that I can put some words on a piece of paper. Also playing catch-up with the Avengers zeitgeist, meaning I’m finally gonna check out Captain America and Thor this weekend. Exciting times!

    Dan-ApDan Apczynski: After close of business Friday, I’ll be driving down to Big Sur, California to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the wilderness with some friends. Frisbees will be thrown, beers guzzled, meats grilled and consumed.  Also, tents will be set up in the dark. Wish me luck!

    SamSam Machkovech: I’m hosting a board game birthday party on Saturday, so Miskatonic School for Girls & Alien Frontiers are gonna get it. Other than that, Awesomenauts and Minecraft XBLA. AWESOMENAUTS

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