Ready for the Weekend 3/23/2012

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  • With RoboCop week coming to a close and with Geek Flea 3 rising, we bring you the Ready for the Weekend content. Your move, creep.

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: There is no Stu, only Shepard.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: This weekend I am going to celebrate my birthday on Saturday afternoon at Barcade in Jersey City. I will also beat Double Dragon with less than 2 dollars in quarters.

    Michael Sheridan: Rediscovering my voice and finding my stride as I get back to writing my own stuff again.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: I wish I was playing Double Dragon with Chuck at his birthday party at Barcade. You should go, get him wasted on fancy beer and play Rampage with him. Happy birthday weekend to the Hawkeye of Unwinnable Chuck Moran.

    IanIan Gonzales: I will spend the weekend cursing Joffrey, the inbred king of the seven kingdoms. I will also be going to Chuck’s birthday party on Saturday. The two events are unrelated.

    EbEbenezer Samuel: All NCAA hoops all weekend for me in St. Louis, watching North Carolina play ball. Not too bad. Meanwhile, I’m also working through Kid Icarus and Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS.

    Don Becker: I’m flying home after a week in Phoenix and L.A. I’ll be spending the
    weekend readjusting to Eastern Daylight Time and getting things ready for Geek Flea 3. And maybe making an appearance in Jersey City…

    Matt Marrone: Now that my flu has passed (fingers crossed), it’s time for a rents-in-the-city weekend – including tickets to Philip Seymour Hoffman in Death of a Salesman and passes to the 9/11 memorial.

    Ken Lucas: I will be venturing to Jersey City to celebrate birth with Chuck. Then it’s back to work as Geek Flea is only a week away.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: Gearing up for a nice vacation after just a few more blenders! Got a whole week to have wet dreams about Geek Flea.

    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: Yard work and warm weather. I will also delve back into Dead Island where my character, the brutish Sam B., will continue his quest to level 50 by agreeing to every quest offered, yet sounding like he’s agreed to go to the store for a quart of milk on a Sunday afternoon.

    Mark Mariano: Tonight, it’s The Hunger Games movie with my wife. I hope she’s not disappointed. I’m off on Monday to watch all four Ninja Turtles movies.

    Heather SedlakHeather Sedlak: Hunger Games this weekend! And then hopefully some sleep!

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