Ready for the Weekend 2/24/2012

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  • Today in 1942 there was an event known as the Battle of Los Angeles. A few years later, there was a terrible movie with the same name. Whatever the case may be, it is still the weekend.

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: Today, I woke up feeling awful – sore throat, achy, light-headed – the whole nine. I went to the doctor, quick as can be, to get drugs so I can get better as fast as possible. When the good doctor came in, he said I could not have drugs. I said, “But why? You are a doctor, you must heal me!” He explained the only thing that was wrong with me was that I needed to sleep more.
    So I will be sleeping this weekend. And maybe playing some games and probably reading The Honourable Schoolboy. But mostly sleeping. G’night!

    Chuck Moran: I would like to say that I would be sitting on a couch, but I won’t. I will buy sneakers and get a haircut.

    IanIan Gonzales: This weekend will be chock full of ’80s comics, Hammer Films and hopefully a flea market of some type.

    DaveDave Trainer: I return to the great state of New Jersey tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Living three weeks in a hotel gets a little old, even though I loved having breakfast ready for me each morning and they gave out free beer at dinner four days a week.

    Don Becker: Tonight I’m having dinner with John “Hambone” McGuire. That’s right, the John “Hambone” McGuire. The rest of the weekend is wide open, and I’m sure it’ll involve some quick games of my latest Android obsession, Osmos.

    Matt Marrone: Shearwater, Sherlock and Schadenfreude.

    Ken Lucas: Damn you, Charles Moran, for getting me hooked on Minecraft! Looks like I’ll be playing Minecraft this weekend as well as crafting some things for Geek Flea the Third. See what I did there?

    Gus Mastrapa: Stu, you should have asked for sleeping drugs.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: It’s a weekend on blenders and musical endeavor. I keep getting into arguments at the blender booth with 15-year-old PlayStation 3 fanboys who won’t bow to the superiority of Xbox’s concave joystick design. It might be hurting my sales.

    Heather SedlakHeather Sedlak: When the heck did we get three weeks into February??? Well, I guess that means I’m spending my weekend writing until my hand falls off. And then reading.

    BrianTaylorBrian Taylor: Building an Ikea filing cabinet and sleeping a lot.

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