Ready for the Weekend 11/18/2011

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  • This weekend is full of hope and promise. Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Warriors, Star Wars and haircuts. Enjoy the weekend!

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I will be continuing to manipulate the cabbage market in Skyrim. Also, working on the Unwinnable Book Project. Kickstart it!




    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: Lot of wants and needs this weekend. I want to play Skyrim and Battlefield 3, I need to play other games. I want to have clean clothes, I need to do laundry.




    Michael Sheridan: Still trying to figure it all out.





    HamboneJohn McGuire: Skyrim.





    IanIan Gonzales: “Warriors, come out to play!” This weekend I’m heading over to the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg to catch The Warriors on the big screen. I will also take the weekend to rearrange my office.




    DaveDave Trainer: I am THIS close to beating Gears of War 3; somehow, based on the foreshadowing cutscenes, Marcus is gonna be sad. Maybe by March I’ll be caught up with what everyone is playing.




    Don Becker: This weekend I will move furniture, bask in the glow of a freshly-painted kitchen, and swing a virtual sword again.




    Matt Marrone: I can’t see R.E.M. anymore, but I can see Peter Buck, who’s playing live tonight as part of an All-Star show at City Winery. Then it’s upstate for my nephew’s big first birthday bash.




    George Collazo: This weekend I’ll be checking out a prospective college up north. Keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully I’ll be a Mage soon. Go Skyrim.




    Ken Lucas: This weekend will be full of military shooters, namely BF3 and MW3.





    Richie Procopio: Over the weekend I’ll be up to my eyes in pie tin…no wait….I’ll be saying “Bye, Jim.” No, that’s not it either: sly grin? Nope. My chin? Nuh uh. Fly dim? Nah. DIE WHIM! NO! Oh yeah, Skyrim. I’ll be playing Skyrim. A lot.




    Mark MarianoMark Mariano:Sunday is Survivor Series in MSG and I will be there hoping for a good show, “If you Sssmmmmeeeellllllllllll what the Rock is cooking!”




    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: I will make an attempt to bag and board and organize my comics on Saturday. On Sunday, I will be entering the world of Arkham City for the second time, hopefully to complete my quest as Catwoman, and to start a new quest as the big, bad Bat. But this time, I will play on hard difficulty. And die many, many times. But punishing Arkham inmates is a lot of fun, and a great way to relieve stress.



    Tim Mucci

    Tim Mucci: I get married today, then we’re off to New Orleans to hopefully become possessed by Papa Legba…I mean, for a honeymoon.



    Erik WeinbrechtErik Weinbrecht: Did ya miss me?! This weekend I hope to finish putting my house back together before spending some long-overdue quality time with the Dark Knight in Arkham City.



    Heather SedlakHeather Sedlak: I’ll be watching the Star Wars Holiday Special with RiffTrax to commemorate Life Day. Then, I continue my quest to complete NaNoWriMo.



    Olivia DavisOlivia Noel Davis: After a year I have decided that it might finally be time for a haircut. Go ahead, admit it … that is a riveting plan for the weekend! Captivating, even!



    BrianTaylorBrian Taylor: Double-deadline and a midterm on Tuesday means it’s a hyper-focused weekend, the kind for which socs would buy Adderal from the greasers.

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