Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

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  • We survived the Rapture and now it is Memorial Day weekend. Remember to respect your memorials and to say happy birthday to Vincent Price and Christopher Lee!


    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I have a notion to spend some time outside this weekend. Perhaps bike around some or do a bit of gardening. There will likely be some barbeques as well. But…you know…Terraria will probably keep me locked in front of my computer…


    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: This weekend will be all weather dependent gaming. I might try and sneak a game of Catan in at some point. I am going to Staten Island on Sunday. I hope to get a movie in at some point too. Have a safe weekend!


    HamboneJohn McGuire: I’ll be playing L.A. Noire and ingesting as much BBQ as physically possible.



    IanIan Gonzales: This weekend, I will be checking out the Way Station Bar in Prospect Heights on Saturday. Their bathroom is a TARDIS, so you know where I’ll be heading. Also, all your BBQ are belong to us.


    Don Becker: I’ll be taking a much-needed trip to Cape Cod this weekend, and at some point I will see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Thor at one of the few drive-ins in the Northeast. I also plan to eat a copious amount of tasty seafood and post pictures to make Stu jealous – continued payback for his food tweets from Gloucester last year. Hopefully I get HBO so I can get caught up on Game of Thrones while I’m at it.

    Matt Marrone: I’m taking a break from slicing up zombies and carjacking ice cream trucks to head up to Beantown for some Memorial Day weekend BBQing and assorted frivolity. A wicked awesome time is all but guaranteed.

    Peter Lang: Plans? Where we’re going, we don’t need plans.

    Ethan Sacks: I will kick off my weekend in grand fashion with a J.J. Abrams interview…and then it will go downhill from there.



    Ken Lucas: I will be venturing out tomorrow for some midday dim sum and ice cream as I continue my quest for great sundaes. It is an honor to know that horror greats Vincent Price and Christopher Lee’s birthdays are a few days before mine. What little time I have left between being a Grill Master, editing and eating cake will be spent finishing up L.A. Noire.

    Richie Procopio: This weekend my wife leaves for an 8-day cruise which leaves me alone with my sons. Can you say “Video Game Week”? When the kids are awake, we’ll be playing some Plants vs. Zombies and Kinect Carnival Games. When they are snuggled in their beds, Daddy will be running people over in the APB Reloaded beta. Oh yeah!

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: This weekend I’ll be watching the new Mallick film over and over again until I’m kicked out of the theatre and/or arrested. Also, it’s Memorial Day, but I forgot what we’re celebrating.


    Kurt ChristensonKurt Christenson: Well, after rocking out to the amazing masters of dance French Horn Rebellion last night I’ll be taking it easy tonight with some Doctor Who (catching up on the newest series), then hitting up a zinefest at Pete’s Candy Store tomorrow afternoon, and then cleaning up the apartment for our next party and our new kitteh!

    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: This weekend I will be reading $40 worth of comics and deciding which ones are worthy enough to appear on the site. I also plan on bourbon.


    Tim MucciTim Mucci: I refuse to actually commit to any plans, but I hope to get some Magic: The Gathering in, some Crysis 2, some (okay, a lot) of beer…

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