Ready for the Weekend 1/28/11

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  • On this day in 1958 the Lego company patented the design for its Lego bricks. Those bricks are still compatible with the bricks produced today. To this day there is  a couch in Denmark that still has some of these original bricks under it.

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: Wait, it is the weekend already? How did that happen? I have to get back to Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars and finish that up. And since he provided the foundation for my horror article this week, I am reading Peter Straub’s Shadowland, which I am having difficulty putting down.

    I might build a snow fort out of the seven foot tall pile in front of my house.

    Charles Francis Moran VI

    Chuck Moran: Going out with Stu on Friday night for some Unwinnable business. This might turn into some eating and drinking. Dave and I hopefully will play some more Battlefield this weekend. I might see True Grit with my dad on Saturday afternoon.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: This weekend I will be doing something involving beer, magic, video games, comic books and Lego. I actually have no plans but I feel like I just covered all the bases. Have a great weekend.

    IanIan Gonzales: I will be attending the Found Footage Festival at Anthology Film Archives on Saturday evening. I really hope they have Winnebago Man available for sale so I don’t have to deal with the pesky Internets.

    btdBTD: Also later in 1958, Lego South Pacific.

    DaveDave Trainer: I started playing Castlevania for Xbox. Lets see how this goes, so far it’s ok. Other than that just working for the man and listening for strange noises coming from below our apartment.

    JenJen Sisco: I just finished up Drawn for Steam. So now I am onto Penny Arcade: On the Precipice of Rain Soaked Darkness. I am so loving the PC games these days! Other than that I have some planning to do for the upcoming weeks! Sent from my iPod

    EbEbenezer Samuel: I will sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. And when I finally do wake up, I’ll boot up the PlayStation 3 and play DC Universe Online. Again. This weekend. Boring? Yes, I know.

    Don Becker: With the Jets not playing again until September, I at least don’t have to worry about crying myself to sleep at all this weekend. Instead, I’ll continue to dig out from Snowmageddon III and see if I can extend the 6’ tall snow pile next to my driveway all the way to the corner. It’s like playing Minecraft in real life!

    Peter Lang: This weekend will find me doing research at Columbia University (hopefully they are kind to alumni), and hopefully making it down to the Found Footage Festival. If none of my plans come to fruition, I’ll keep on reading about black holes.

    George Collazo: This weekend I’ll be reveling in the middle aged geek narnia that is Mega
    Python vs Gatoroid
    which, supposedly, will feature a cat fight between 80’s
    pop starlets Deborah Gibson and Tiffany. Didn’t they both appear nude in
    playboy? Oh, when that magazine used to be awesome before censorship turned
    every men’s magazine into a hyper airbrushed bikini cartoon show.

    Ken Lucas: Aside from work, I need to finish Star Wars: Unleashed II and move back to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I am also working on a custom Hot Toys Predator. It is completely disassembled and is awaiting some mods and then will be prepped for paint.

    Richie Procopio: Since I got my kids hopelessly addicted to Castle Crashers on Xbox, I will likely spend a good chunk of the weekend mashing buttons and collecting animal orb pets.

    *Editors note: Rammy, all day.

    Kurt Christenson: I will be moving into an actual full on apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with my lovely graphic novelist girlfriend where we will set up an office space so I can actually get work done when at home! I’ll also probably hate comics and books and movies after moving 30 long boxes, endless crates of books, and thousands of DVDs (& VHS tapes!) See you on the other side!

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