Ready for the Weekend XXII

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  • The week comes to an end. Christmas shopping needs to be done. Unwinnable hopes you have fun!

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I am seeing Tron Legacy right now and planning on squeezing in Black Swan Saturday if things work out. Other than that, since I went and watched all of Dexter season 5 in two days, the only other thing I have to do is play Grubbins on Ice. Works for me.

    Charles Francis Moran VI

    Chuck Moran: Mentally prepare for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam content, by watching The Deer Hunter and drinking absinthe. I will also celebrate the birth of Pete Lang. Also hoping to check the MCP that everyone has been talking about.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: My semester is finally over, so on Monday (which is my Saturday) I’ll finish up my Christmas shopping and then spend the rest of the day catching up on comics and playing Grubbins on Ice. Otherwise you can find me in the usual places doing my usual thing with my friends. Celebratory drinks are encouraged and appreciated.

    IanIan Gonzales: Today is Pete Lang’s birthday, so I imagine a sizable chunk of Team Unwinnable will be highly inebriated by the stroke of midnight. I’ll be recuperating in Brooklyn with a trip to Bergen Street Comics  and then drinking hot buttered rum on Saturday.  Sunday – Tron: Legacy. IMAX. 3D. FTW!

    btdBTD: I believe this weekend I will be seeing a movie that my brother is in called Yogi Bear! I will probably not see it in 3D because I will be be able to see him in 3D on Christmas without getting a headache.

    DaveDave Trainer: I will be working all weekend. I am also looking forward to Christmas and flying back home to Oregon or “er-gin” as the Unwinnable team likes to pronounce it, to see the family Christmas night. I might put a mistletoe in my pants to give the TSA some holiday laughter. Jingle jangle!

    Don Becker: Tonight’s office Holiday Extravaganza will probably be the limit of my video

    gaming this weekend (I brought Rock Band 3, plus keyboards). Between frantic house cleaning, a birthday party on Saturday (happy birthday, Amy!), and a friend coming to stay with us for the holidays on Sunday (welcome back, Val!), the concept of “free time” will probably be a foreign one, at least until Sunday night.

    Garrett Martin: Just wrapping up a few reviews and year-end pieces for the Boston Herald before going home for Christmas. Also about to try out iPad gaming for the first time, with Infinity Blade, Monkey Island, and a few others. And then a low-key anniversary reminiscence with the wife on Sunday after two nights of feasting.

    Matt Marrone: My weekend, as usual, began today. I am headed to Harrison to rendezvous with our humble leader for a matinee showing of Tron. Not in IMAX, though, cuz it gives Mr. Horvath a wee little headache. Wimp.

    Peter Lang: It’s my birthday today and for the first time in 7 years I will be celebrating in New Jersey. Come to Tierneys, the Deros can’t find us there.

    George Collazo: This weekend I’m ready for… shit, I got nuffin, I’ll probably just listen

    to more Sherman Sleeves podcasts, which are awesome.

    Richie Procopio: This weekend I will be seeing Les Miserables at the Papermill Playhouse with a bunch of friends.  Other than that, I believe it will be a quiet weekend at home doing some last minute holiday preparations.

    Carmen ‘Felicia’ De Luccia: Since I already saw TRON last night, that frees up my weekend for holiday madness! Tonight I am seeing a friend in a local production of A Christmas Carol (he is Fred, Marley and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come), tomorrow is a trip into the city with my boyfriend’s family to their annual traditional dinner and 12 Days sing-off, followed by a trip to “THE tree”. Last minute shopping and cards and shipping of boxes rounds out the weekend.

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      i am so drunk, it is so late. Pete Lang is the devil

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