Battle Jacket: The Best Metal of February 2017

This month, Jagged Vision claws their way to the top of our list with brutal riffs and razor sharp vocals.

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Trading Cards with a Fierce Bite

“The [amiibo card] system feels like DLC schemes used in the mobile environment.”

The McMaster Files – Zombicide: Black Plague

Tired of zombies? Don’t hold it against Zombicide: Black Plague – there’s way more to it than hordes of the undead.

Self Insert – Who is Clan Techie?

Fan ficton: where Judge Dredd meets Star Wars.

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Diary of an Advanced Locksmith

“I went to the Baker estate today to walk through the house and give them a quote. Jack Baker, the man of the house, seemed a bit…off.”

Nioh Exposes the Lazy Culture of Video Game Genres

Action RPG sounds like a good classification for Nioh until you realize that label is also applied to titles like Diablo III,Borderlands and Fallout 3.