Unwinnable Monthly – March 2017

The March issue of Unwinnable Monthly is here. Find out what’s inside!

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The House is the Best Character in Resident Evil 7

The Bakers’ development has strict beginning and ending points, whereas the house is always shifting and evolving as the story progresses.

My Three Year Quest to Suffer Through L.A. Noire

What makes L.A. Noire so frustrating is that it seems to resent the things that make it great and love the things that it simply can not do.

Office of the General Counsel Episode 16 – Etch-A-Sketchy

Straight Outta Sketchville

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Last Week’s Comics 3/22/2017

Team Unwinnable cuddles up with returning old favorites Injection and Sex Criminal. No, we didn’t mean that to sound dirty. Not at all.

Plot Before Character – Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four

“Hickman is always building to a world-changing catastrophe, but the climax is always so emotionally empty that when it arrives it feels irrelevant.”