Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-One

It’s Halloween, so naturally this issue of Unwinnable Weekly is filled with ghosts, costumes and candy!

skeleton dance

Unmixable: Ghastly Stories From Beyond the Grave

It’s Halloween and DJ Kursse brings forth an awesome mixtape. Scream along!

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Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty

Stu Horvath has nothing but contempt for GamerGate.


Last Week’s Comics 10/29/2014

Sal Lucci reviews Catwoman #35 and Multiversity: The Just #1 and Michael Edwards takes on She-Hulk #9 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Catwoman 35

PG Creepshows

My earliest memory of being scared at the movies was in 1983. My dad, sister and I went to go see The Return of the Jedi at a movie theater in Jersey City, probably the closest theater that still had tickets available for the blockbuster conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy. I had just turned three, and to be honest all I can remember from that day is sticking my head into the empty seat next to me as soon as Jabba The Hutt made his first appearance. It was the only time I had this reaction to the giant

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Dear Space Marine – Chlamydians

Unwinnable’s resident Space Marine, Aurelius Ventro, delivers much needed advice on sexual transmitted diseases.

Space Marine

All Hallow’s Evil

We’ve got the soundtrack for all your horror business right here.