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Diary of a 1st-time Interactive Fiction Developer

My sky pirates will signpost their ferocity though gummy smiles and an abundance of facial hair.

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Rap Artists for People Who Don’t Like Rap

It started as an informational photo set on imgur and turned into questions of culture, mission, voice and race.


Unwinnable Monthly: Battle Jacket

As June winds down, Casey returns from the battlefield with the best metal the month had to offer. It’s Battle Jacket.

Battle Jacket Asternoid

Last Week’s Comics 7/27/2016

The LWC gang shares their thoughts on this week’s ElfQuest, Cryptocracy & Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens in this week’s erroneously named Last Week’s Comics.

Last Week's Comics Feature 7/27/16
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Comic Book Video Games Coming this Year

Suddenly, in the words of ZZ Top, it’s hip to be square and the publishers are cashing in.


The Future of Pokemon After Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has shown us where Pokemon can go, but just how far will it go?