The Burnt Offering – On Preconceived Notions

How do you create criteria to find more surprises that defy your criteria?

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Steamworld Heist and the Goldilocks Difficulty

‘Difficult’ shouldn’t mean massive enemy HP bars and single-hit deaths. As Steamworld Heist shows, a good challenge should be about skill, not stubborn persistence.

When Narrative Plays Second Fiddle

“Inventive gameplay is still what sets videogames apart from other mediums.”

The Prettiest Nightmare

Unspeakable horrors await you as you road trip across the unsettling beauty of small-town America.

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A Good Death

Death is often mishandled in videogames, but an upcoming release promises a different approach underpinned by a movement of death positivity.

The 10 Most Difficult Video Games of All Time

Ever since the first video game titles became available 30 or 40 years ago, gamers have spent countless hours trying to complete the game and beat that final boss. Some of the most beloved games of all time made it extremely challenging for players to get that final sweet reward of success. Then, there are the other noteworthy titles that earned reputations of frustration. These are the games that were the most challenging and the most soul crushing. Here are 10 of the most difficult video games of all time that made millions of gamers experience new levels of frustration.