Documentary Sunday – At All Costs

In amateur youth sports, there’s more at stake than how you play the game.

Burnt Offering – The Past is Never Dead

I recently took a lengthy vacation at Rusty Lake, a resort known primarily for its mental health benefits and its fishing.

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Unwinnable Monthly – May 2017

May flowers are here, and so is the latest issue of Unwinnable Monthly, starring…Caligula?

Salt and Sanctuary: A ‘Souls’-Like That Gets it Right

The Souls series by From Software has become something of a guidepost for difficulty in games. It’s become common to use the series as a reference when discussing a particularly tough game, with quotes like “It’s as hard as Dark Souls” now serving as a selling point. It can be eye-rolling when tossed around too much. The problem with this kind of labeling is that the Souls series is so much more than combat. It’s lore, level design, atmosphere–things that most clones of the series forget. Yes, the games punish careless play, but the reason they have become so beloved is because

A large monstrous creature that resembles something like a machine from the Matrix crossed with an evil porcupine, clutches down at a much smaller figure in a dimly lit corridor. This is a still from Ska Studios game, Salt and Sanctuary

Revving the Engine: Skylar and Plux

The old school 3D platformer is making a comeback with Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island.

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Last Week’s Comics 5/24/2017

It’s All Kieron Gillen Day at LWC. Team Unwinnable discuss last week’s The Wicked + The Divine: 455 AD and this week’s James Bond: Service.

Cover art from the Wicked and Divine issue. A figure, dressed in toga and laurel crown is lit in a sort of blue with a uplifted hand covered in blood. Behind the figure it looks like there are orange flames rising, and in front of him is the text, slightly opaque that reads "The Wicked"

The Mystery and History of the Pink Panther

A series of movies, a cartoon and a classic theme song: a brief look at the enduring legacy of the Pink Panther.

Shelfworthy – An Excerpt from Unwinnable Monthly 91

Sometimes, you just want to hold the thing in your hands…